La llorona from December 6, 2021

Glosses of the political reality of Panama of December 6, 2021


Because of the yamura, the pod is still on, after the riffle between Blandocito and Beby Valderrama. Now Katy Levi came out saying that with these discussions they went back in time and that although they won in 2014, in 2019 they did not get even 10 percent and that has not improved yet. Oh father!


La Levy says that what he wants is to win the trust of the electorate, to give flight to the people from the grassroots who are neither “softists” or “Varelistas”, who are all Panamanians. Cut it out!


It is commented in the lawyers’ cafeterias that a colleague filed a criminal complaint for the Public Ministry to investigate the identity theft of a deceased noble and upright constitutionalist. It turns out that three months after his physical disappearance, the lawyer appeared at the notary’s office to resign from the position of resident agent of a company. How was this possible? Aexandro Valencia.


It appears that said corporation was used by a Spanish drug trafficker on the run from justice to hide assets such as apartments. The Public Ministry must investigate this crime as well.


The Panamanian legal profession was represented in the celebration number XXVII, of the World Law Congress, which took place in the city of Barranquilla during December 2 and 3, 2021, at the WorldLaw Congress.


Dr. Juan Carlos Araúz Ramos, president of the Panama Bar Association, in addition to being panelists on the thematic axis on Judicial Independence, was an honorary witness of the World Peace & Liberty Award, “the Nobel Prize for Law ”. The ceremony was presided over by the King of Spain Felipe VI and President Iván Duque received the award on behalf of the Colombian people.


And former President Trump has already captured more than a thousand melons for the company that should give rise to his social network. What is coming is that this company merges with another company to enter the Stock Market.


Lawyers who process returns in the Procurement Directorate in the Electoral Court, complain about the lack of will of the officials who must attend them. They ask the deputy director to put order.


National builders are in the process of renewing their board of directors and have called for elections on December 15. The engineer Carlos Allen, with a long union tradition, is emerging as the strongest candidate to succeed the engineer Jorge Lara in the presidency of CAPAC.


The new board of directors of CAPAC will have the responsibility to continue in 2022 with the contributions of the union in the economic reactivation of the country, due to its strong incidence in the generation of quality jobs, in investment and in the growth of national production .


Someone asks that where is the Picuiro toad, known as Fonseca in the Council, and that before he liked white flour, in addition to being a bottle in the Free Zone?


They tell me that a certain Michael from the Atlantic coast and president of the youth of Omar’s party runs the Migration in his province but never goes to work. Is this the example for the youth?


Ignoring the maritime nation project, based on the Torrijos Carter treaties is what has happened, said a spokesman for the Assembly. “We cannot turn our backs on the sea. The Executive has history in his hands.” Cut it out!

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La llorona from December 6, 2021