‘Las rutas D’Ambrosio’ will show the origin of culinary products

The road movie gastronomy par excellence of La 2, The D’Ambrosio routes, premieres its eighth season this Saturday, January 7, starting at 7:15 p.m. New itineraries will take chef Gonzalo D’Ambrosio to all corners of the Spanish geography in search of all those foods, producers, recipes and chefs who strive every day to preserve the historical and cultural roots of the rich and admired Spanish gastronomy.

This new installment of Las rutas D’Ambrosio, a format produced by RTVE in collaboration with Tiro Producciones, proposes a culinary and cultural journey of 13 episodes through different regions and provinces of the country. The history, ethnography, geography and peculiarities of each area will give its faithful audience the keys to the cuisine of each territory.

The new objectives will take the chef through the Canary Islands in search of well-differentiated flavors; north of Spain, passing through the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, Cantabria, Vitoria and Navarra. He will also visit Teruel and Murcia, and will follow in the footsteps, gastronomically, of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo José Cela in his particular work Trip to La Alcarria.

In Salinas de Añana, Vitoria, you will learn the process of salt formation.In addition, the new season will dedicate two chapters to the Extremaduran discoverers who arrived in the New World, and forever changed the way of cooking and eating on both continents. To do this, he will visit both provinces, Cáceres and Badajoz.

First stop

The premiere of the eighth season will be in the Atlantic Islands. In the Middle Ages, the Vikings managed to reach the Galician Atlantic Islands. Following in his footsteps, Gonzalo D’Ambrosio will reach its shores to learn what the Galician restoration owes to its history. This maritime route will begin in Cangas do Morrazo, where Gonzalo will be able to embark to learn about bream fishing before discovering how to combine it in a very marine recipe, with algae and cockles.

In Cíes you will dive into the Atlantic waters to catch and taste the razor clams and in Ons, aboard a dornaa traditional boat from this region, will try to fish for octopus together with Cesáreo, one of the few inhabitants who still lives on the island, for which his testimony is very valuable.

Without getting wet this time, due to the risk involved in his work, he will meet some brave barnacle fishermen, and once again immersing himself, he will help collect one of the newest and most revolutionary ingredients in Galician food, algae. Product that he will introduce in his mullet recipe with which he will entertain a group of noisy and brave Vikings.

The communicator and cook Gonzalo D’Ambrosio was born in Buenos Aires in 1982 and since he was a child he felt attracted to cooking thanks to his grandmother. He studied at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy and had his first job as a chef in a kitchen at the age of 20. At 23, Gonzalo D’Ambrosio became executive chef at more than 11 restaurants in Buenos Aires. From there he decided to conquer the world and settled in the capital of Spain, where he has worked in various spaces. Although his popularity came from the hand of television on the Cocina theme channel with the program easy and result and for the series A threesome in the kitchen together with Julius and Nicola Poltronieri.

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‘Las rutas D’Ambrosio’ will show the origin of culinary products