Leaders and intellectuals of the region ask Ciro Gomes to renounce his candidacy | Referents of progressivism want the Labor candidate to support Lula in the Brazilian elections

An open letter signed by left-wing politicians and intellectuals of several Latin American countries asks Labor Cyrus Gomes that renounce his presidential candidacy Y support the former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, favorite for the elections of the second of October. Under the title “Open letter to Ciro Gomes: what must be done to stop Bolsonaro”, the document signed, among others, by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquiveland the former Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correaspeaks directly to Gomes to expose the “perplexity” in which they find themselves at his insistence on pursuing the presidency despite his meager seven percent in voting intention.

Choosing “between fascism and democracy”

There is still time to make amends for your mistake, fellow Ciro. Address your followers right now and tell them that the urgency of the fight against fascism leaves them no other option but to support Lula’s presidential candidacy,” says the letter, which has the support of the sociologist and political scientist Atilio Boronand former Supreme Court Justice Eugenio Raul Zaffaroni. “Ask them for that vote, crucial for defeat the captain in the first round (retired from the Army and president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro) and their armed squads“, adds the letter that is open to new signatures through an email address: [email protected]

Gomes, candidate for the leftist Brazilian Labor Party (PDT) and the third most voted candidate in the 2018 presidential elections, appears in third place in the polls for the October elections. His candidacy was one of the few that prevented Lula fromfavorite with about 47 percent of voting intentions, was nominated as the only candidate of the entire Brazilian left.

In another section of the letter, also accompanied by the former Argentine vice president Amado Boudou, the former president of the Ecuadorian National Assembly Gabriela Rivadeneira Y the Colombian senator Pieta Cordoba, the signatories stress that a victory for Lula is essential because the dispute in Brazil is “between fascism and democracy”.

“And you, a political man, intelligent and with extensive experience behind you, know very well that your candidacy has absolutely no chance of reaching the ballot, even less of winning in the first round,” add signers such as the former Paraguayan foreign minister George Lara Castrothe Venezuelan deputy John Edward Romero and the former Bolivian minister Juan Ramon Quintana. “The harsh reality is that keeping your applicationdear fellow Cyrus, all it will do is scatter forcesweaken the strength of the anti-fascist bloc and facilitate Bolsonaro’s victory, and eventually pave the way for a new coup“, warns the letter.

The intention to win in the first round

In recent days, Lula appealed to Gomes’ voters to support him on October 2 and guarantee his election as head of state without the need for a second round, for which he needs more than 50 percent of the useful votes. He also received the support of six former presidential candidates this Monday: the environmentalist Marina Silva, the Socialists Luciana Genro and Guilherme Boulos, the Labor Party members Cristovam Buarque and João Vicente Goulart, and the conservative Henrique Meirelles.

Even deputies and former deputies of the PDT launched a manifesto against Gomes’ candidacy for the presidency and in favor of the “necessary vote” for Lula. The former allies accuse Gomes of polarizing the elections by adopting “a posture of a former trench companion” and maintain that, faced with the impossibility of forming an alliance with the PT in the 2018 presidential elections, Gomes began to “adopt a more angry tone with the bases” of Lula’s party.

So far, Gomes has refused to express his possible support for Lula in the event of that Brazilians have to define their president in a Second round between the progressive leader and the far-right Bolsonaro, whose aspiration for re-election has the support of about 31 percent of voters, according to polls.

Far from it Gomes even said days ago that “Lula had a thieving son who is responsible for corruption” when he explained that the Brazilian population could no longer stand impunity. Those statements earned him a lawsuit before the Special Criminal Court of São Paulo to explain what the evidence of such accusations was.

More than 156 million Brazilians, most of them women, are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, in which president and vice president, governors, deputies, senators and regional legislators will be elected.

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Leaders and intellectuals of the region ask Ciro Gomes to renounce his candidacy | Referents of progressivism want the Labor candidate to support Lula in the Brazilian elections