Learn about the benefits of the digital ID in Colombia

The National Registry of Civil Status implemented the digital ID as an identification alternative for Colombians. The new mechanism allows access to services in a fast, agile and reliable way, guaranteeing data security; all this, taking advantage of information and communication technologies and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

“The digital ID allows compliance with development plans and public policies that seek to make the services provided by the State more efficient and accessible”indicated the entity.

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According to electronic government policies, Colombia requires an identification that allows access to the digital citizen services of the State and to other entities that provide services through the Internet.. The digital ID will be the access key.

The registrar Alexander Vega pointed out that the design of the new document included the colors of the Colombian flag, images of Cartagena and yellow butterflies, as a tribute to the magical realism of Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez.

This card is valid for 10 years from the moment it is issued, as long as it meets high security standards, which are based on facial biometrics and require updating at the established time.

The authorities have insisted that by being certain of the identity of the person who carries the digital ID, the risks of impersonation in financial transactions, purchase of products (such as insurance) and notarial, police and judicial procedures are reduced.

Facial biometrics and the development of digital identification will, in turn, allow the verification of the identity of people in remote operations.

How do you request the new document?

The citizen must enter the website of the National Registry, www.registraduria.gov.co and click on the ‘Digital ID procedure’ button. There, he must register his data for payment through PSE.

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You can also make the payment in person through the following collection points: Effecty, SuperGIROS, Banco Popular and Matrix Giros. Once the payment is made, the citizen must wait 24 business hours to start the process.

If the citizen made the payment in person, they must go to the Registrar’s Office with proof of payment; the digital ID has a cost of $55,750.

The citizen must go to the Registrar’s Office without prior scheduling, once there, the enrollment will proceed with the capture of biographical and biometric data; Additionally, the cell phone number and personal email to which the digital password will be sent must be registered.

Before the delivery of the polycarbonate ID, the holder of the document must download the ‘Cédula digital Colombia’ application, through which the digital citizenship ID will be activated on their cell phone.

This app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store mobile stores and works on iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 devices, onwards, the application is free.

The polycarbonate card will only be delivered to the holder, taking into account that facial biometric authentication is required for the subsequent activation and use of the digital citizenship card on their smartphone.

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Immediately after the citizen receives their physical polycarbonate ID, they will be sent an email with a link and a QR code to activate the digital citizenship ID in the mobile application.

You must take into account that this code will be active for a maximum term of 48 hours, counted from the delivery of the physical ID.

If a citizen loses the cell phone in which the digital ID was stored, they can be sure that no one will use this ID, taking into account that satisfactory validation of facial biometrics is required to access the document.

To reactivate it, the citizen must send an email to ccdigital@registraduria.gov.co, requesting a new activation link.

How much does the digital ID cost?

The new digital ID of Colombians has a value of $55,750.

Since when can the digital ID be requested?

Since December 2020, the digital ID began to be issued by the National Registry of Civil Status and since then it has been available to Colombians.

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Are all public and private organizations required to accept the new ID?

Yes. In accordance with the Constitution and the Law, the identity documents issued by the National Registry of Civil Status are the only ones that prove the identity of Colombians and, therefore, must be recognized and endorsed by the various authorities, since they do not they have substitute.

Is the use of the new digital ID mandatory?

No. Initially, the new digital ID will be aimed at those Colombians who voluntarily require it through the duplicate process.

Does the digital ID process generate a password?

Yes. A digital password will be generated that will be sent to the email address of the document holder.

The digital ID as a passport

The digital ID will have incorporated the biographical and biometric data of the citizen, which cannot be altered thanks to the high security standards that the ID has.

The Vega registrar specified that the document will have a name, surname, identification number, place and date of birth, place and date of issue of the document, sex, signature and photo, it will also have an encrypted QR code, which will have security information and information biometric that will guarantee that the use of the documents can only be carried out by the holder, avoiding identity theft.

In the same way, the digital ID has a machine-readable zone, known as MZR, which enables its verification as a travel document to destinations in the Andean Community of Nations.

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Learn about the benefits of the digital ID in Colombia