Leave home for Christmas: unstructured families in literature

VALENCIA. This article is an omeoprazole for family meals that, in the distance, are seen coming as if they were the Prussian troops in the Battle of Leipzig (see the painting The Battle of Leipzig, by Alexander Zaureweid). Through a couple of literary recommendations, we are going to synthesize the chemical compounds of fruit salts, Almax, aniseed shot, pennyroyal and many other concoctions to eliminate the acid reflux that occurs after some family encounters. that have more of a clash than a meeting.

Barbara Blasco, the writer who won the 16th Tusquets Novel Editors Prize for Say the symptoms, manages to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the digestive system with The cousins, from Aurora venturini. “Laugh at what a social worker would call a dysfunctional family. Hard, emotional, beautiful family story, told from the entrails of a survivor of that family. Also recommends Empty houses, by Brenda Navarro when we have the information. “Between the dark of being a mother and the dark of not being a mother. It cannot be told better, and less in a first novel ”.

Several of the people consulted for this piece agree that This was not what we came for, from Maria Bastarós it is a good revulsive against the false idealization of the family. Of this book of stories edited by Candaya Blasco highlights that it brings us closer to “all the corpses, fluff, remains of rotten food that are hidden under the carpet of the ‘normal family’. Brutal”.

Fiona songel She is no longer in La Primera, but she is the first to drop a literary recommendation and hit the mark: “My recommendation is Burnt sugar, from Avni doshi, Booker Prize 2020 (Today’s Topics, 2021). Family dramon where they exist. It puts on the table what it is like to take care of a negligent mother who did not take care of the protagonist when she had to. Explore the paradox of a family bond that forces you to offer care to someone you do not love and who has not loved or offered it to you. Mother and daughter sustain as best they can – and a clean goring, let it be said – a bond that is more obligatory than affective. It is something that often happens on these dates: a large number of families will sit at the table even if they do not want to, ignoring – or deciding to ignore by inertia – the fact that being linked to someone by blood ties does not force you to feel love , much less to give it without conditions ”.

“Paco, what do you entrust yourself to to save the Christmas family indignation?” Paco is Paco Inclan, the author of the short story books So many lies, uncertainty Y Given the circumstances, all published by Jekyll & Jill publishing house. “Oysters, the million dollar question. Well right now it comes to mind Yoga, by Emmanuel Carrère ”. Carrère’s work comes with beef. His ex-wife, Hélène Devynck, accused him in an article of publishing not a novel, but an autobiography of falsehoods and insults. “This book presented as an autobiography is false, arranged to serve the image of the author and totally strange to what my family and I have gone through with him,” Devynck told the magazine Vanity fair. “During the years that we have lived together, Emmanuel could use my words, my ideas, enter my duels, my sorrows, my sexuality.” Intimacies, real or not, exposed.

Kike Parra, the author of No woman has stepped on the moon Y You catch me at a bad time (Relee), take off the shelf Boulder, from Eva Baltasar, Loyalties by Delphine de Vigan and Knockemstiff, the violent and dark collection of stories from Donald ray pollock. He does not give any further explanation because the Gran Vía is a pre-Christmas traffic jam and he is late for some family obligation.

Ana Camarena, responsible for the cultural recommendations account ‘Burn after’ and contributor to Plaza Radio podcast By mic Ditch your positive Christmas spirit to suggest a somewhat inspired title Walden of Thoreau —for fleeing to the country— “I have no problem with spending family parties (if you knew them, you would understand why I am forced to specify this), but, for those who are looking for a Christmas counterculture, Pruning
Laura beatty it’s a good option. A girl-almost-adolescent who runs away from home to no longer see a family that it is better not to see. And that he is going to live in the forest, with all that that implies. Let each one decide whether to take ideas or not ”.

Historically and humorously, acid reflux has been combated with My family and other animals from Gerald durrell. If the one who throws bread crumbs into the food and steals the premieres is a brother or sister, you have to pray to The fifth son, a classic by Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, which deals with the misfortune that the new member of the family is the son of the devil — not literally, but close in spirit. The New York Times Book Review called it “A horror story about motherhood and the fear of social ruin, a moral fable from the same stock as Frankenstein and 1984.”

For dessert, a graphic novel. In 2006 Alison bechdel published the excellent Fun home: A tragicomic family. A work that departs from preconceived ideas about the little thoughtful load that comics can have to address, from the personal, issues such as suicide, homosexuality and the process of acceptance of the same, at the same time that its pages are reflects American history in the 1970s.

And if none of this works, you can steal your cat’s weed and purge yourself.

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Leave home for Christmas: unstructured families in literature