Letters from readers: Squeeze the judges, democracy wins, Mercosur

We all remember Cristina’s telephone conversation with Oscar Parrilli that we were legally able to listen to on television, in which she suggested to Parrilli: “The judges must be pushed.” In this case, the one who responded to the tacit suggestion to “squeeze the judges” was President Alberto Fernández, who fulfilled the wishes of Cristina Fernández on the national channel the day before the publication of the ruling in the process that has her as the main defendant. . He validated an illegal hack to try to influence the judges who must judge the vice president. Illegally publicizing private meetings that are not verified or accusatory in any way and trying from the Executive Power to influence the Justice and the judges are two flagrant violations of the Constitution and the laws of the republic, is this the new project that Cristina Fernández embodies and proposes , Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa by 2023? The Argentine people have the answer and the floor.

alfredo andreoti


After 14 years of the complaint made by Elisa Carrió referring to irregularities in the relationship of Vice President Cristina Fernández with Lázaro Báez in the granting of the construction of routes that were paid for despite not being completed, which led to a legal case in the one who was charged after many years as head of the Executive Power or accompanying her deceased husband when he was the first magistracy, the time for the sentence arrived. The crimes imputed to him are illicit association and fraudulent administration, being the first time that the trial is dictated while the vice president is in full exercise of his position. I am writing these lines when there is an hour and a half left before the verdict of the court is known, that is, that she is acquitted or sentenced. But this already constitutes a precedent that shows the full validity of democracy, since the end of the road is reached after a process where the vice president and the other defendants have exercised without restrictions the guarantees of due process as mandated by the National Constitution. . In short, it is a triumph of republican democracy that makes history and for this reason it should be highlighted.

Hector Luis Manchini

Former judge of the Chamber in all the Fueros of Zapala

DNI 7,779,947

Chancellor Cafiero forgets that he represents the interests of all Argentines. His ideology should not interfere with everyone’s interests, because it is imperative that our country advance in the direction of its integration into the world and, fundamentally, with its trade. Uruguay has been showing signs of rationality, adequate vision and commitment to the future. Mercosur, which could be a formidable tool, is being reduced to a group of countries where the ideology that has failed prevails, at the expense of the welfare of all. To a group of mediocre countries that are influenced by groups whose interest is to close the economy to continue with their businesses that only favor them. Mercosur should put everyone’s interests first, negotiating and trading as a bloc with the whole world without allowing itself to be crossed by outdated ideologies or even worthy of psychoanalysis. And our nation should have a professional foreign service, made up of experts and renowned diplomatic figures who represent us, advise and negotiate with solvency, capacity and knowledge.

Enrique T. Vidal Bazterrica


After 14 days in the hospital and on the eve of your 98th birthday, the visit of your 70-year-old son took place. As the judge considered that such a meeting was sufficient, he decided to annul the visit already granted for your 98th anniversary, because it was not special reason. Your son, a soldier since he was 16 years old, who survived the terrorism of the 70s, who defended, and still fervently defends, the republic and democracy, suffers from three causes invented by the terrorists to keep him capriciously in captivity using the dependency of the three powers. You will know how to forgive him, Iaia, after all, what can you expect from a 49-year-old brat functional to a corrupt government?

Lia V. Duret Velasco


Regarding the letter from reader Alberto Luis Zuppi, who quotes César Chelala’s column on Leloir, I would like to add that I had the honor of working as a veterinarian in the Balcarce field of our Nobel Prize winner. I remember arriving when I was 30 years old and, while having breakfast with Leloir, he asked me with the humility of the greats what I was going to do to the bulls. I couldn’t believe it, and with some nervousness I tried to clarify his interest. An excellent scientist and an example as a person.

Carlos Martin Acuna

DNI 7,609,981

10 years after inaugurating the routine of going to Pilar on weekends, I can draw the following conclusions: they follow the same lanes as then on the Panamerican Highway and the number of cars that use it has increased in the same or greater way than the increase in the cost of tolls. The cameras installed for speed control have not had a greater effect than to collect and increase the coffers of the outrageous State, since there is no effective police control, the motorist who does not respect the rules does so attached to a large pocket and little or no income. awareness that enables him to circulate in zigzag, which causes the usual accidents. There is no longer a beneficial time to go or return, they are all peak hours, hours of rest or work that are lost. In these 10 years, the efforts of Scioli, Vidal and Kicillof passed, same panorama, same result. I just drove from Savanna to Boston in the US Free highways, efficient police. Present state, taxes that return. Political gentlemen, until when? Get off the helicopter and transit to see if they understand that it is imperative to build more lanes or definitely another access to the north zone.

Daisy Di Lella

DNI 11,663,308

After the sentence Cristina says that she will not be a candidate

“The incredible thing is that she thinks about finishing her term, being convicted of corruption and that in the end the President does not ask her to resign”- Mario Muniz

“With what he likes power, I have my doubts”- Teresa Del Valle Roman

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Letters from readers: Squeeze the judges, democracy wins, Mercosur