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Michael W Chamberlin

Windbreaker TV on August 23, 2022

There is a new neighbor in the neighborhood who is giving up what to talk about. Is about Antoni Gutierrez Rubi, who was the consulting analyst of the candidate elected to the presidency of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. Anthony join the communications team of the head of government of Mexico City, which will intensify the competition of the bottle caps.

Adviser Antoni, in addition to being the best-priced analyst in the world (according to rumors in political communication circles), advises left-wing candidates, such as Petro, as well as candidates from the Spanish Popular Party. No matter the ideology, the objective is to attract votes from a good image and a convincing speech. Governing is something else. Which advisers will the opponents hire? Who the opposition? What will be the narratives that convince us to vote for one, one or the other?

Francia Márquez –to continue with the Colombian vote– is the new vice president of Colombia. She of Afro-descendant origin and an environmentalist who won the Goldman Prize (equivalent to a Nobel Prize for the environment) in 2018, she did not require a brilliant advisor; she drew on her communitarian philosophy to offer a new and old narrative: Live Tasty.

no one would reproach live tasty. Surely Caro Quintero dreamed of that in prison, Salinas Pliego will think that live tasty on his kilometric yacht and Andrés Roemer will think with nostalgia from Israel about his “tasty life” in Mexico, but from the perspective of the Afro-Colombian communities, live tasty it has another connotation: a philosophy of life shared with many other African and Latin American cultures.

It means a model of social organization where everyone has access to the necessary conditions for a decent life, that is, a collective and not an individual concept. It refers to living in harmony with the community and with nature, which in Tzeltal Mayan would be translated as Lekil Kuxlejal either The good lifeand in guarojío to Kaweruma or “fair”, “honest” or “cabal”.

Francia Márquez has emphasized that live tasty, In the current context of Colombia, it is “that people do not live in fear, it is the possibility that people can live in their territories in peace, in peace, if the war has taken away the possibilities of living in peace.” Peace as a horizon for the future implies seeking harmony in society and from the exercise of government means for Francia Márquez that “the State arrives with its presence in the areas of Colombia where it has not done so and guarantees the rights of populations such as young people , women, Afro-descendants, Palenqueros, indigenous and Raizales.” This idea of ​​the future is surely shared by many and many in the Continent.

These days I participated in a meeting of human rights defenders from Latin America, in which we analyzed the scenarios for the near future of our countries. We confirm the trend of dispossession and deterioration of the territories by the factual, legal and illegal powers, and a continuity of a culture of death that has generated violence, fear, suffering, poverty and exile as a result of the dismemberment of the social fabric of the communities in Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico, among others. We agree on the political crisis in the region and on the importance of forging links and alliances between indigenous, migrant, urban and sexually dissident communities, among others, in which it would be worth the effort to recognize and look at each other in the original cultures, to create your own narrative live tasty and their strategies; among them, that of bringing more women and servants from below to power like Francia Márquez, and better still, of transforming it (because neither Petro nor Francia will be able to do it alone).

Meanwhile, traditional politicians will spend public money on very expensive communication consultants who will not make them better rulers or save them from the enormous political and governability crisis. In any case, they will help them effectively communicate convincing messages, even if they are promises that cannot be fulfilled or that they do not intend to keep.

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“Living Tasty”, the political narratives from below – Rompviento TV