London, to the rhythm of the light blue and white – Semanario de Junín

By: Write Maximo Luppino

Argentina champion of America faced the beloved Italy, champion of Europe at Wembley, the result 3 to 0 in our favor on English soil represented for the Creole heart one: The Falklands are Argentine, we will return!… Tears of sporting emotion they had an unmistakable Malvinas flavor and a Thank you! from the soul it sprouted spontaneously for our fallen soldiers in combat.

What we affirm is what our enlightened players felt, if not let’s look at the first stanza of the song they sang in the microphone after the game in question: “I was born in Argentina, land of Diego and Lionel, of the Malvinas kids that I will never forget.” The song continues with emotional messages from players who know how to represent their people.

Does anyone doubt that Diego ran alongside Messi and Di María on the pitch and that he jumped for joy with the whole team at the end of the match, shouting our soccer “war anthem” in London itself “He who does not jump is an Englishman!” ? Without a doubt, the rebellious and indomitable spirit of the 10 is with this football team.

While a group of social communicators, like sordid hyenas, shouts degrading lies towards our beloved country, our National team as sovereign lions are well focused on the living feeling of our fellow men. It was a football match in London with a flavor of much more. The one who didn’t feel it lives inside a “mayonnaise jar” or is a true “thermos head” as “the fluff” knew how to say.

More than 60,000 Argentines in London came to support the team of the blue and white, many participated in the “banderazo” in the city where dreams are nuanced with a thick laconic fog and despite the Argentine sun dissipated the pirate fog and brightness showed the world the splendor of Manuel Belgrano’s flag.

Self-esteem is built, it is built with good will and upright conduct. Successes and victories are fundamental, be it a Nobel prize or a trick game. The intellect establishes necessary differences and ranks, of course, but the mind that is supreme feeds on triumphs of all kinds and colors. In this context, the victory in London was a singularly valuable episode in the times we live.

Things are what they are and even more what they mean for each individual and for the collective mind of a people. Thank you soccer team for this victory in London that has a taste of promise, a dream of freedom, an ideal of permanent recovery of our beloved Malvinas Islands.

Argentina is our home, the place of our dreams and ideals, where we must lead our history, play the role for which we were created. We do not criticize those who emigrate. The years go by and most yearn for the land where they were born. A large number of fellow citizens living abroad crowded together to enjoy a “chori or a milanga” with a neighborhood flavor and/or polished cobblestones from kicking so much. It is not only the aroma or the honored palate, it is the Argentina that embraces you and seduces you with the love of Mother Earth towards her children that she never forgets. It is the destiny that calls you to live under the flag of this land that is magnificent and without equal. .. It’s Argentina!

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London, to the rhythm of the light blue and white – Semanario de Junín