López Rabadán advocated for UNAM: “We are not the same, AMLO defends criminals”

The senator attended Wednesday’s session wearing the Pumas soccer team shirt to show her support for UNAM (Photo: Twitter/@kenialopezr)

Once again, the vice-coordinator of the parliamentary group of the National Action Party (BREAD) in the Senate of the Republic, Kenya Lopez Rabadanwas launched against the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and assured that he will defend the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) of the attacks against him.

Dressed in a National University Club shirt, better known as the Pumas, the legislator indicated that the president “He has a systematic anger with those who study, with those who think and with those who want to improve”.

During the speech he offered this Wednesday, May 18, the panista rejected the disqualifications that the president launched against the doctors from the university, whom he accused of “fleeing” to their homes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is unfortunate how he attacks UNAM, it is unfortunate how he does not recognize that only this year there are more than 360 thousand students enrolled, it is unfortunate that the President of the Republic does not recognize our highest house of studiesdo not recognize that we have had three Nobel Prizes since UNAM ”, he exposed before the tribune of the Upper House.

The senator rejected AMLO's disqualifications against UNAM (Photo: Twitter/@kenialopezr)
The senator rejected AMLO’s disqualifications against UNAM (Photo: Twitter/@kenialopezr)

Likewise, he invited those present to analyze the reason why the Tabascan has repeatedly launched himself against educational institutions, regardless of whether they are public or private; while, he said, “defend drug traffickers.

“Why doesn’t the president love UNAM? Why doesn’t the president love ITAM? Why doesn’t the president love Mexican doctors? Why does the president love criminals? Why does he want drug traffickers? Well, clearly because he has a pact with them, that’s why they’re going to lose the elections.”

López Rabadán expressed that, thanks to the attitude that the president has taken against those who think differently from him, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) will lose the electionsnot only of this 2022 but those of 2024.

Finally, the senator stated that the Mexican authorities, specifically the federal administration, should generate security for all citizensbecause “neither Cuban doctors, nor Mexicans, nor any other doctor is going to be able to go to the municipalities when there is brutal insecurity and obviously the president does not see that.”

AMLO launched against UNAM (Photo: Special/Infobae Mexico)
AMLO launched against UNAM (Photo: Special/Infobae Mexico)

The senator’s statements for Mexico City came after the Mexican president will launch again against the highest house of studies in the countrybecause he criticized the actions of the graduates of the Bachelor of Medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the head of the Federal Executive, the UNAM authorities they sent their doctors, students, interns, etc. homeinstead of summoning them to face the SARS-CoV2 virus pandemic that hit much of the world.

“This should not be done by public or private universities, but much less by public ones and much less by UNAM”

Whereupon, through a press release, the highest house of studies in the country decided to clarify the situation and ruled that they were the health authorities who ordered the suspension of school activities on March 19, 2020, when the infections began in the country; He stressed that directors were asked not to go to health institutions.


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López Rabadán advocated for UNAM: “We are not the same, AMLO defends criminals”