Macarena Achaga is ready for the premiere of the series ‘Travesuras de la Niña Bad’

Las Vegas — Macarena Achaga says with a smile that she completely took possession of her Bad Girl character in the filming of the first season of Bad Girl Anticsseries based on the homonymous novel by the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

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The premiere of the series is scheduled for December 8 through ViX+ and seeks, in 10 episodes, to translate the changing visual language of different periods of the narrative of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, who in his novel developed the complicated sentimental scheme in the relationship of the characters of Ricardo Somocurcio (here will be played by Juan Pablo Di Pace) and the Bad Girl.

Both characters experience intricate encounters and disagreements that go from their adolescence to maturity.

“I always say it, and I say it without shame, I feel as if the ‘Bad Girl’ had possessed me during the filming… so whatever I did during the recordings, please, remains the responsibility of the ‘ Bad Girl,’” jokes Achaga.

The 30-year-old Argentine actress who worked in Luis Miguel, The Series —where she played the character of Michelle Salas— affirms that within the pleasure that this character gave her, there was an implicit high level of acting demand.

“It was quite a challenge because in the first season I play more or less four to five characters. So, it has been a challenge because you have to keep track of what is happening with each of the characters, understand their psychology, because we filmed adapting different times, in the 60s, 70s and 80s in Paris and London”, said the actress who recently worked on the remake of The Father of the Bride. “It was putting everything you know in life as an actress into a blender, but I think he’s going to look very beautiful on screen and I hope you can enjoy it as much as he did.”

Produced by Alejandro Bazzano, a Uruguayan Cuban who has participated in series such as The Money Heistthe Serie Bad Girl Antics He had locations like Tokyo and Mexico City.

— How much of an admirer or fan of Vargas Llosa was Macarena Achaga?

— Everyone who has won a Nobel Prize must be worthy of admiration. My fanaticism towards Vargas Llosa has grown as I have come to understand this character. For me, it has been an enormous responsibility to put a face to the ‘Bad Girl’, so well known in the imagination of people who are familiar with this very important novel, but I hope they feel real and genuine, just as I felt doing it.

— When making this character so complex, who goes through different times, circumstances, moods and experiences, were there points of personal identification?

— Of course, of course, in her life experience I felt like her all that immigrant spirit that I think defines me, because of how hard-working I am, really. I also poured my facet as a feminist into it in a world surrounded by men, but also supporting them, because I think they should always be our allies.

— Could you say that ‘Niña Bad’ has been the most complex thing you’ve done on an acting level?

— I have been in this industry for years and I am excited that projects that are always so different come out. For example, what I did before this can be seen on Netflix, it’s a movie called The Wrath of a Godand it is a role that was also quite an acting challenge, where there is nothing else but recharging on that, on acting.

— You are already on Netflix, you are going to be seen on Vix+, what else is coming for you on streaming platforms?

I always dreamed of working doing what I wanted and I feel very free choosing with the highest bidder, which is something that I think implies a lot of things, they imply (production) values ​​in the stories, in the place where they put women, it’s a whole. Next year I will be in Bad lucka Prime Video series, very interesting.

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Macarena Achaga is ready for the premiere of the series ‘Travesuras de la Niña Bad’