MAD describes AMLO’s foreign policy as “disastrous”

The former governor of Tabasco, Manuel Andrade Diaz, qualified as disastrous the foreign policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after the declaration of persona non grata by the Mexican ambassador to Peru, Pablo Monroy.

Through a video posted on his YouTube channel, the former local PRI deputy criticized that the federal president is not fulfilling his commitments to maintain a stable relationship with other nations.

Andrade Díaz assured that the man from Tabasco is putting Mexico’s diplomatic situation with the rest of the world at risk, including the one it has with historically allied countries.

“However, the government of López Obrador, contrary to what was proclaimed, what was promised, what was announced both in his protest, in his campaign and in the national development plan, to maintain and invigorate the presence, the principles from foreign policy historical events in Mexico, in less than four years they have been completely destroyed (…) good relations with more than 12 important countries such as Spain, the United States and more recently Peru have been put at risk and broken,” he said.

The former governor criticized that embassies are being used as bargaining chips to buy the conscience of political opponents, who, furthermore, are being rejected by the nations where they are being nominated.

The former PRD candidate for mayor of Centro pointed out that for the first time Mexico does not occupy the presidency of any international organization.

“It is popular knowledge and affirmed by the president himself that embassies despised the career training of diplomats and became bargaining chips to buy the conscience of opponents; to pay for favors from political allies and presentation prizes for unpresentable members of the Morenista government that, in addition, as never happened in the history of Mexico, several of these appointments did not receive the approval of the countries to which they were proposed. An ambassador had never been expelled or declared persona non grata,” he said.

Finally, Manuel Andrade He pointed out that López Obrador’s disagreement with the world is because he was not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and instead the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, is being considered.

In addition, he said that the Mexican president’s annoyance with his US counterpart, Joe Biden, is for giving greater recognition to the Ukrainian who is experiencing a war against Russia, and not to him, who claims to be the focus of attention on the American continent.

“This year he wanted to be the Nobel Peace Prize and that is why he cannot digest that it was President Zelenski who was named the man of the year in matters of peace, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by various international organizations, by specialized centers on the subject and he has not even been nominated; and recently the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who received a visit from Zelenski and said that it was an honor for America to receive him and filled him with praise; Andrés Manuel did not he digests it, does not tolerate it, not that he is mentioned in the name of America throughout the American continent, but that he is not recognized for the central role he believes he plays in Mexican politics and that he feels he is the axis of everything that happens,” he said. .

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MAD describes AMLO’s foreign policy as “disastrous”