Madrid adds only three new restaurants with Michelin stars in 2022

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Only three restaurants in the capital have been featured in the new edition of the Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal 2022, four if we also count the green stars that reward restaurants that show a firm commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment.

The most noteworthy are the two stars awarded to the restaurant Smoked Room inaugurated in the summer of this 2021 and that, therefore, happens to have both stars without having had a single one before, something that is not usual at all. They complete the list of new restaurants with a red star Quimbaya Y Deessa. The new green star that the capital is going to have will be in the restaurant Coke.

Quimbaya, Colombian haute cuisine

Chef Edwin Rodríguez, after having worked for almost ten years in The Bohío, the restaurant with a Michelin star that the television chef Pepe Rodríguez owns in Illescas (Toledo), offers us in Quimbaya a very personal cuisine with marked Colombian inspiration and contemporary interpretation thanks to an elegant use of avant-garde techniques.

The restaurant Quimbaya It has two different parts, a more informal bar where you can order tapas, cocktails and, how could it be otherwise, the best coffee in Colombia.

And a dining area in which you can choose between two options, the menu that, despite not being very extensive, is varied enough to satisfy any diner. The other option is to let yourself go and choose the tasting menu that changes every quarter. To get an idea, since last November 20, you can enjoy Litter, a 12-pass menu inspired by the life and work of Gabriel García Márquez, the writer and Nobel Prize winner in Literature who left us works such as One hundred years of loneliness or A Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The menu is priced at € 70 without drinks and is served to the full table.

Deessa, Quique Dacosta’s kitchen in Madrid

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This was probably the most predictable star of those that have been awarded in Madrid. Quique Dacosta arrived in the capital to lead the gastronomic proposal of the renovated Mandarín Oriental Ritz Madrid hotel and has not been long in succeeding with Deessa. To ensure success, the famous chef, a Valencian by adoption, has put Ricard Tobella, one of the oldest members of his team, in charge of this new gastronomic restaurant.

There is no menu, only two tasting menus of the same price, 180 euros that go up to 270 euros if we also want the corresponding pairing.

The menu Historic Quique Dacosta is a compilation of the most iconic dishes that have led the chef to the three Michelin stars that he owns in his restaurant in Denia (Alicante), such as Animated forest or the Smoked eel rice and cherries.

The menu Contemporary QDRitz is a set of new elaborations specially designed for Deessa in which the visual refinement of the dishes and the elegance in taste as well as in the Arborio rice with morels or the Violet macaron, a dessert that pays tribute to Madrid.

Smoked Room, with the Dani García seal

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From the name it might seem like a simple steakhouse, but no. From its appearance it might look like the bar of a Japanese tavern, but neither. Smoked Room, which would literally be translated as “Smoked Room” is an exclusive restaurant that is inside another restaurant (Leña) that, in turn, is inside a hotel, the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid.

Open kitchen, two grills, a refrigeration cabinet at a controlled temperature in which pieces of meat and fish are matured, a bar with capacity for six people and two small dining rooms that add another eight seats, fourteen in total.

It offers a single tasting menu that is a game of flavors and temperatures in which smoke and fire are the guiding threads of the 15 dishes that make it up, it has a price of € 135 and can be complemented with the harmonies proposed by Luis Baselga for 95 euros more, sommelier of recognized prestige in the capital.

Coque, the gastronomic temple of the Sandoval brothers

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And it had two Michelin stars and 3 Repsol suns, now it is the only green star that opens this year in Madrid. The restaurant, born as a family dining house in the town of Humanes, which moved to Madrid in 2017, completes the haute cuisine of chef Mario Sandoval –National Gastronomy Award for the best Chef in 2013– with a spectacular winery directed by Rafael Sandoval and the impeccable room service by Juan Diego Sandoval –National Gastronomy Award 2016 for Best Room Director-.

Coke It is a gastronomic reference in Spain. The five spaces through which the client passes to enjoy his gastronomic proposal do not leave indifferent. It all begins in the bar where Diego acts as host and welcomes us with a cocktail; to give way to the winery where the first aperitifs are tasted with Rafael as master of ceremonies; hence what they have baptized as the sacristy, where the protagonist is champagne; The next stop is in the kitchen, where the diner has the opportunity to greet Chef Mario and watch the team work carefully so that everything goes perfectly and, finally, the dining room, where once again Diego takes care that we have the best experience at the table.

At present, we can enjoy the menu Groove, in its normal version -which includes its iconic suckling pig- with a price of € 250 or in a vegan version that costs € 198. In both versions an additional pairing is possible for € 150.

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Madrid adds only three new restaurants with Michelin stars in 2022