Manuela Carmena talks openly about her sex life in ‘Unexpected Encounters’

The last delivery of this Thursday of unexpected encounters It was dedicated to the ‘Amores’ and for this it brought together four very varied personalities: the former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena, the model Judit Mascó, the actress and singer Samantha Hudson and the former basketball player Juanma Utirriaga. Around the table, the guests chatted with Mamen Mendizábal about the new family models, sexual and also open relationships, and polyamory.

Among the most outstanding statements, those of Manuela Carmena, who openly answered all the questions raised, and even revealed what her sex life was like. The taboo word was the only one that was not present throughout the evening.

Manuela Carmena in ‘Unexpected Encounters’


“Is there sex in old age?” Mamen Mendizábal asked Manuela Carmena. The former mayor of the city of Madrid responded using a simile: “Of course. I always use Rita Levi-Montalchini as an example. She is a researcher, Nobel laureate, who dies at 103 years old. Until she dies, she continues to research and says that the brain improves with age.”

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“Because it is a muscle that is practiced. Are we making a parallelism?” asked Judit Mascó. “Of course,” replied the judge. And then she made a claim: “Women have much better sexual ability with age than men. They have it more difficult, because of the muscle thing. With this, I want there to be optimism. In old age what you have built remains. That’s why I think it’s very important that everyone designs in their own way”.

Mamen Mendizábal shows images of polyamory in 'Unexpected Encounters'

Mamen Mendizábal shows images of polyamory in ‘Unexpected Encounters’


Another topic that was discussed in unexpected encounters It was polyamory, which consists of a person having more than one partner at the same time. To do this, the presenter showed her guests several fragments of the film polyamory for beginners.

After seeing these images, Carmena assured that “these are labels that I don’t like. The important thing is to raise above all that the human being is a unique, free being, that there is no way to become two and, therefore, that throughout life you can have many experiences depending on the moment you are living ” . And she continued, “we have to build a different approach to the ability to love, to love each other, to caress each other.”

Manuela Carmena explains what her sex life is like in 'Unexpected Encounters'

Manuela Carmena explains what her sex life is like in ‘Unexpected Encounters’


“Have you had an open relationship?” Mamen Mendizábal snapped. To which Carmena did not hesitate to give details about her sexual and marital life: “I can’t tell you that because I think that, if my answer were affirmative, it would be misunderstood. What I am telling you is that throughout my life I have lived an intense life. My partner and I have had the need to have other types of attitudes, which were not traditional, with other people. Is human. I think what happens is that many people do not say it, or raise ridiculous rigidity structures.

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“I understand that the basis of this is sincerity in the couple,” said the presenter of La Sexta. “Not just honesty, but a non-restrictive approach. That is, understand that at a certain moment a person can kiss another and that is not why she is going to have to get a divorce, ”advocated the former mayor.

Here the difficulty of maintaining this type of less conventional relationship due to jealousy came to light, an issue on which Manuela Carmena also wanted to express her opinion. “The first thing is that jealousy must be considered as a negative element. They are related to the fact that a person has to always be loving you, at all times, only you. This is something that does not make much sense, ”she settled.

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Manuela Carmena talks openly about her sex life in ‘Unexpected Encounters’