Marcelo Ebrard highlights Mexico as a promoter of peace and dialogue

Mexico is a world reference as a promoter of peace and promoter of dialogue to resolve conflicts, said the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, when he opened the discussion with Nobel Prize winners in Latin America “United in Diversity.”

At the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, the official pointed out that in the face of geopolitical change in the world, it is necessary to promote peace that begins in human relations and is transferred to the regions, states and multilateral organizations.

Mexico has tried to strengthen multilateral institutions, we are always one of the most active countries in it; denuclearize America, the Treaty of Tlatelolco, and very recently the initiatives against the negligence of the arms industry.

We have just said it now in the Security Council, the proliferation of weapons, the design of weapons and the promotion in video games of endless violence, without limits, “he said.

Accompanied by the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú and Edmundo de Alba Alcaraz, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change who in 2007 won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Foreign Minister stressed that from CELAC, which this year presided over Mexico, promotes the agreement and peaceful coexistence of nations.

Because the initial question we have asked ourselves as a civilization is how can we live successfully and in peace? for millennia. The defining cause of the human species has been that, not just survival “

He recalled that the Foreign Ministry, in addition to defending Mexican men and women in the world, is promoting peace and today the fight against violence against women.

If it is very complex to achieve peace between nations, especially in this time where there is a geopolitical change in the world, what we can achieve in the short term, if we propose it, is to eliminate violence against women, that should be a permanent conviction. Let’s think about the peace that begins in our human relationships “

During the event, tribute was paid to the Mexican scientist Mario Molina, 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, who died last year.

Meanwhile, the Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú assured that after this covid-19 pandemic it is important to resume the humanism that was lost due to materialistic priorities that we set as a society.

We were in a hurry to accumulate what is necessary or wasteful in our lives on the material plane, but the pandemic shows us that we must be more human beings and to be more human beings we have to strengthen our spiritual health, our mental health, our physical health and our social health “

Oscar Arias Sánchez, former president of Costa Rica, 1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Argentine Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, 1980 Nobel Peace Prize winner, took part in the conversation remotely.


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Marcelo Ebrard highlights Mexico as a promoter of peace and dialogue