Mario Negri: “By tweets, Cristina Kirchner is demolishing the government of Alberto Fernández”

Mario Negri spoke of the internal of the Front of All

the radical deputy mario nigri warned that Cristina Kirchner dedicates herself to “demolishing” the government of Alberto Fernández with a “coup of tweets”, in reference to the latest publications made by the vice president on her social networks, in the middle of the internal Front of All. Furthermore, she accused Andres “Crow” Larroque to “undress the king” for his criticism of the president. “He is a second-class official.”he said in reference to the referent of La Cámpora.

“Those who hit the government the most are those who have some jurisdiction. Those inside the boxes do not, they do not fight publicly. The truth is that at the stroke of a tweet, the vice president demolishes a government that is obviously weak and has no direction. at the stroke of a tweet”, Negri repeated during an interview with Jonatan Viale on Radio Rivadavia.

In this sense, the radical referent assured that “the king is more naked every day and they do not take charge. Can you imagine seeing Alfonsín, Menem, Néstor Kirchner responding to a second-rate official like Larroque from the province of Buenos Aires? And the President bothering to argue with him?

“Yesterday what she did was, while Larroque undressed the king in the morning, she made a tweet later in the afternoon about the legitimacy of origin, about the legitimacy of management. What I think is that, in reality, getting unstuck is a problem because it is part of the government. She built that alternative. And in second place, because I think he doesn’t give a damn what happens to the fate of the country’s institutions”he added.

President Alberto Fernández observes Cristina Kirchner (Reuters)

Negri’s warning is due to Larroque’s statements, who accused the President of the Nation of promoting the breakdown of the government alliance and questioned the results of the economic team. The referent of La Cámpora assured that the head of state is the one who “broke the electoral contract” by not respecting the philosophy of Kirchnerism that allowed him to reach the Casa Rosada: “The one who forces the rupture permanently with wear operations on the figure of Cristina Kirchner and about the sector that she represents is Alberto Fernández, without any doubt”.

When asked if Kirchnerism can leave the coalition that came to power in 2019, Larroque was blunt: “If the Government is ours… We constituted this political force, we summoned Alberto and we won the elections. The majority voting intention is for Cristina. We respect, but Alberto is not going to take the government to the bedside table. There is a front here.”

Later, Cristina Kirchner published a suggestive message about the President’s governability: “The question was: How were we going to govern the country after the 2001 crisis with barely 22% of the votes? My response was unique and categorical: we were going to legitimize ourselves by governing… because it could be legitimate and legal in origin and not in management”.

CFK’s comments were made in the framework of his meeting with River Pillarjournalist and wife of Joseph SaramagoPortuguese writer Nobel Prize for Literature who died in 2010. “I met them in May of 2003sharing a dinner together with businessmen, intellectuals, journalists and Human Rights leaders”, said the former president about both at the beginning of her brief thread on the social network.


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Mario Negri: “By tweets, Cristina Kirchner is demolishing the government of Alberto Fernández”