Mauricio Macri, in “thread” mode: he summoned a selective group of Together for Change for a reserved summit with Vargas Llosa

While Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Y Patricia Bullrich They speculate about the role that it will occupy Mauricio Macri With a view to the 2023 elections and seeking to interpret their movements, the former president dedicates more and more time to the political thread. Before returning to the country after a lightning trip to France, where he gave a series of conferences, Macri organized a reserved summit for Saturday in his family’s fifth Los Abrojos together with the Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa.

For lunch with the writer at his house located in the town of Buenos Aires Argentine Falklandsone of the usual venues for the political meetings of the founder of Pro, the former head of state convened a group of leaders from Together for Change. This is the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdesthe head of the Senate interblock, Alfredo Cornejoand the national deputy Roger Frigerio (Between rivers). According to Pro sources, Macri personally took care of designing the summoned list and issuing the invitations. “Larreta and Bullrich will not be there. There will be about ten or twelve people”says a leader close to the former president.

Mauricio Macri and Alfredo Cornejo

As their differences with Gerardo Moraleshead of the UCR, for his link with Serge Massa, head of the Chamber of Deputies, the former president does not hide his good harmony with Cornejo, Jujuy’s predecessor in the radical leadership. In fact, a few weeks ago he received the senator at his offices in Olivos. From the radical universe, Valdés also tends to stand out, who recently said that Macri has the possibility of returning to power. And Frigerio re-entered the consideration of the former president, after both recomposed the link after the STEP last year. With the aim of fighting for the governorship of Entre Ríos, Frigerio smoothed out rough edges with Macri – they ended the national management with differences – and takes care of his links with all Pro terminals – from Larreta and Diego Santilli to Bullrich – and Together for Change .

In the environment of Macri they do not rule out that the founder of Pro has called other leaders of Together for Change to participate in the meeting with Vargas Llosa, amid the tensions that cross the main opposition coalition due to the veto against Javier Mileireferent of La Libertad Avanza.

Tomorrow, Larreta planned to lead a meeting with neighbors and merchants and take a tour of the Caballito neighborhood. The Buenos Aires chief surprised in recent days with his new strategy to contain the advance of Macri, who feels revalued by the setback in the economic management of the Front of All and threatens to compete again for the presidency in 2023.

Larreta began to say before locals and strangers – he made it explicit in the Llao Llao Forum, in Bariloche, in a meeting alone with the red circle – that he would be willing to face Macri in an internal Together for Change. He warns that there is no chance that he will drop out of the contest, to give signs of autonomy. “I play and I go to the internship, in any case and whoever the candidate is,” he warned his troops.

Instead, Bullrich opts for caution: he will not confirm his desire to run yet and will await Macri’s definition.

Close to the founder of Pro, they relativized Larreta’s sayings: “We did not give it importance. That’s what you have to say,” they slipped. Other confidants of the former president recall that Macri does not like to be raised or lowered from the presidential race. They insist that he intends to nurture unity and foster internal competition. “He does not put himself as the boss,” they say.

Although he prefers not to give signs and his sides repeat that he has not yet made a decision, Macri accumulates power, regains influence in Pro and plays a double role: candidate or great electoral. The chance that he will fight again for the Casa Rosada worries Larreta and Bullrich, who are launched in the presidential race.

Before traveling to France, the former president received the opposition councilor Lucas Fernandez-Aparicio, who aspires to fight for the mayor of Malvinas Argentinas, in his offices in Olivos. Those who frequent Macri noted that he was concerned about the deepening of the economic crisis.

On Monday, Macri and Vargas Llosa will share a panel at the annual dinner of the Fundación Libertad, which promotes liberal right-wing candidates in the region, such as Ricardo Lopez Murphy (United Republicans) or Alejandro Katz, in Chile.

In the Goldencenter complex, in Parque Norte, there will also be Bullrich, López Murphy, José Luis Espert and Cornejo. The event will be opened by Larreta.

President Mauricio Macri together with the writer Mario Vargas Llosa
President Mauricio Macri together with the writer Mario Vargas LlosaIgnacio Sánchez – THE NATION

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Mauricio Macri, in “thread” mode: he summoned a selective group of Together for Change for a reserved summit with Vargas Llosa