Meeting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates… in Minecraft!

That we were not expecting. At this point they surely place Minecraft —Maincra, as they affectionately call her in the Mexican chaviza—but as the years go by we never cease to be surprised by the advances that this video game, released in 2011, has been reaching.

We know that it is a world of complete creative freedom, that your servants have seen all kinds of madness, but they are premiering a very interesting game mode.

Photo: Minecraft Peace Builders

Maybe we’re going to sound like the nerds in the room, but it turns out that in Minecraft you can already meet the Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Nobel Peace Prize in Minecraft

When we heard that there was a mode in minecraft to meet the Nobel Peace Laureates we thought it would just be their faces or you could learn their stories within the game, but we didn’t expect it to be a real interactive adventure. “It is an effort that you can truly play the stories of these characters”he told us Justin Edwards, director of apprenticeship programs minecraft education of Mojang and Xbox Game Studios.

The game is called Peace Builders.

Photo: Minecraft Peace Builders

Be part of the community of minecraft education and was carried out in conjunction with the Nobel Peace Center located in oslo, norway

What is it about? Well this is where it gets fun. When you enter the world of Peace Builders you come across a true-to-Minecraft-style recreation of the Nobel Center and receives you, nothing more, than a representation of alfred nobel, the famous inventor of dynamite that he would donate his fortune to reward those who benefit humanity.

There —”in four different rooms”, Edwards explained to us— you will visit some of the winners of the Nobel Prize.

when you meet jody-williams the world of Minecraft It transforms in cambodian to help the activist find mines. In another space you will travel to Germany in the 1930s to accompany the journalist Carl von Ossietzky to document human rights violations.

Photo: Minecraft Peace Builders

you also travel to South Africa with Desmond Tutu to resolve conflicts at a demonstration or with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to rescue people in an earthquake.

Obviously it’s a educational gamebut they turned out to be surprisingly fun, exciting and interesting.

“Students learn how worrisome mines are or how people’s lives can truly be saved through dialogue while playing Minecraft”explained to us justin edwards since Dublin.

And that’s where the idea of minecraft education Well, they offer opportunities for teachers and students to learn. Although they have training for teachers who want to understand how cool it is to move in the game, it is a chance for the generations to talk.

“Young people can teach their teachers how to move around in Minecraft or how to create all kinds of things, while the teachers explain the importance of the lessons or their effect in the real world”commented the director of Apprenticeship Programs.

If you want to know more about You can take a look at Peace Builders HERE or enter the world of Minecraft Education HERE.

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Meeting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates… in Minecraft!