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Books have always been a source of life for me, do you say that? I remember that in my parents’ house there was a patio with trees; As a child I would sit in the hallway and read Heidi.

That little girl of 8 or 10 years old that I was, was immersed in the world described by Johana Spri and through reading I traveled to Switzerland, to the Alps, to those wonderful mountains that are covered with snow in winter.

The characters in the story became mine, their world mine.

Today, almost 50 years later, I remember those moments that remained in my memory forever and that were the beginning of my love for literature.

That is why I am grateful to Milenio for its new site: Librotea ( which opens up a new world for readers and others who are joining the “Republic of letters”.

Because that’s what it’s about making new audiences hooked on literature, so that young people and children discover the magical world of books and the different genres: novels, essays, poetry, plays, stories.

From any armchair you can travel and live other lives, discover other worlds and other times. That’s how easy it is to read and live through the paper.

What you find in Librotea are recommendations on classic books and books by contemporary avant-garde authors from around the world.

The novelty is that these texts are recommended by renowned writers, film directors, theater directors, actresses, singers.

Because literature is always behind movies, plays, songs, many of them with wonderful verses like the one that says “Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking” by the great Antonio Machado and made famous by Joan Manuel Serrat, and what about the poet who sang: Bob Dylan who was worthy of the Nobel Prize Who does not remember the song Blowing in the wind? Or Leonard Cohen, Joaquín Sabina and in Mexico Lila Downs and all that trova music from Cuba and Mexico and the Argentine tangos and behind all this the word. The letter that is carved in the soul.

In Librotea you find different topics and not only that, but also recommendations for young people, so we have:

Essential books to read before turning 20 or news about crime novels.

Also on the site is the book and article of the week or the reading club with a wide variety of titles and each topic reviewed.

Fernando Savater writes; “If you are going to read only one book” and he gives us a list. Other authors talk about engaging books or those that teach us about life and science.

The fan of the printed letter opens up to “infinity” as the great Irene Vallejo wrote in “Infinity in a Junco”

I end with a quote from Almudena Grandes, author of The Ages of Lulú. “I believe that literature has nothing to do with answers, but with questions.

A good writer is not the one who tries to illuminate humanity, responding to the great universal questions that anguish his fellow human beings, but rather the one who asks himself questions and transfers them to the reader in his books” and I keep the slogan of Follow Librotea to stay up to date on “The Republic of Letters.”

We would love to say thanks to the writer of this write-up for this outstanding material

Millennium Book. live through paper