Mircea Cartarescu publishes his ‘Essential Poetry’: “I’m not interested in the Nobel Prize for Literature”

Mircea Cartarescu, author of Solenoid, has published his Essential poetry (Impedimenta) and has insured not be interested in the Nobel Prize in Literature, “nor in any other”. In recent years, his name has been the most repeated in the pools for this award, something that “bores him a lot.”

It is a subject that honestly bores me a lot and I am not involved in this story. I write for the pleasure of writing and I am not interested in this award“, the Romanian writer has pointed out in an interview with Europa Press, on a subject that he has compared to the lottery.

I see myself as a person who does not play the lottery and is always considered to have a tenth. It is a quite strange sensation “, has indicated. Asked for his opinion regarding the winner of the Nobel this year, Abdulrazak Gurnah, he has admitted not knowing who he was.” It is not that I was surprised, it is that I didn’t even know it existed on this planet. But first I will read it to judge and then I will say, “he said.

Abdulrazak Gurnah, 2021 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature

A terrible depression

At the age of 30, Cartarescu decided to stop writing poetry with eight books under his arm, and thus continued with his promise until the year of the coronavirus pandemic. “But it was a somewhat strange volume, which owes more to that pandemic than to me”, the writer has pointed out, after admitting that after contracting the disease he went through “a terrible depression.”

“It was hell and to be able to get rid of that state of dissolution I started to write compulsively, up to 20 poems a day. It was an uncontrollable flow that evaded me from reality and the result was a selection of a hundred poems and a book that does not resemble the previous ones: poor, without artistic intention, as a cry for help“, has indicated.

Cartarescu has alluded to sanitary restrictions to stop the pandemic –in Romania unvaccinated people are forbidden to go out at night-. “When there are 500 deaths a day, it is difficult to think of anything other than urgent measures. I am not in favor of any kind of authoritarianism, but if the Romanian authorities can be reproached for something, it has been the lack of care” , has regretted.

Mircea Cartarescu publishes his'Essential Poetry': "I'm not interested in the Nobel Prize in Literature". Photo: Europa Press

A verse by Lorca for hunger

This Essential poetry gathers many texts from the early Cartarescu in the 80s, a time that coincided in time with the Ceaucescu dictatorship. “It was the happiest time of my life, because we lived in poetry and not in dictatorship, “he asserted, alluding to the generation known as Blue jeans.

“For us, a single verse from Lorca meant more than hunger, cold or fear and I am extraordinarily proud of those poems and of my generation: It was a miracle, “he stressed. In addition, he does not believe that any of the published texts should be reviewed because” there was no self-censorship: sincerely and genuinely believed in Human Rights or the equality of people, “he defended.

For Cartarescu, current poetry does not have to detract in anything from what other generations did, including in this group that published on social networks. “I admire all the poets in the world, from Homer to any beginner, and I don’t care if they are good or bad“, has assured.

“I like this dissemination of poetry that is being done on social networks, but also those people who are in the street declaiming. It is true poetry, because nothing is gained by it, except by telling the inner world“, he has indicated. In any case, Cartarescu has advanced that he will continue with prose because he” likes it very much and it is more luminous “, continuing with a new book that” now is half done. “

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Mircea Cartarescu publishes his ‘Essential Poetry’: “I’m not interested in the Nobel Prize for Literature”