Naivety or cynicism?

My father told me that the higher the position, the more humble it should be, he also told me that the worst enemy is the ego.

The development of the dissatisfied ego makes us make decisions, sometimes naive and others bordering on cynicism.

There is no way to think about the naivety of politicians.

Political communication is reserved for that exclusive sector dressed in golden tinsel.

Everything that happens in this sector is a communicative phenomenon that must be decoded, it represents an analysis to determine the cost-benefit.

I have three events to comment and ask.

Didn’t ARMANDO ZERTUCHE know that throwing a birthday party in the Legislative Precinct was going to bring him criticism?

The party took place when the names of the MORENA politicians who received extra resources for their campaign from a man appeared, first they were balconied and then assassinated.

What ARMANDO wanted to say, “Don’t count on me, I don’t sponsor myself.”

Or the wise answer of RODOLFO GONZALEZ when he said he suggested that he put an umbrella in case it rains.

The political communication of the friends of the organization Todos por Tamaulipas that suggests that CESAR VERASTEGUI is the one who governs Tamaulipas with a very high cost each act when we all know that the candidate is going to be appointed to the top of the national PAN What, moreover, does he not sympathize with that candidacy?

Or the expression of OLGA SOSA when she says that the CARMONA only helped her “convince” JULION ALVAREZ to liven up the closing of her campaign and that the resources were accounted for before the INE.

In principle, it says yes.

We are going to take a walk to find out what happens in the municipalities that promote development.

Let’s start with MATAMOROS with the meeting held by the municipal president MARIO LOPEZ HERNANDEZ and the INFONAVIT delegate, the Architect HONORIO CORTAZAR, where an agreement was signed in order to rescue the homes abandoned by the workers.

In compliance with the COPLADEM 2021-2024 Municipal Development Plan, Mayor CARLOS PEÑA ORTIZ urging society to continue participating, this time heading the working table with social leaders of the municipality.

And we return to Nuevo Laredo, the city where the Binational Summit for the transformation of the borders is going to take place. Mayor CARMEN LILIA CANTUROSAS is the host. Nuevo Laredo is going to receive many tourists from the border regions of Mexico and the United States.

Mayor Carmen LILIA CANTUROSAS VILLARREAL said she was happy that Nuevo Laredo was named as one of the best cities to work for in Mexico by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), through the document “Urban Competitiveness Index 2021”.

The border municipality rose from eleventh to sixth place in populations with a density of 250,000 to 500,000 inhabitants, thus becoming the only municipality in Tamaulipas to be in the top 6.

Other cities on this list are Valle de México, Saltillo, Los Cabos, Monterrey, Querétaro, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

By the direction of the UAT, GUILLERMO MENDOZA CAVAZOS, Rector elect finished his tour of the 26 academic units.


On November 27, 1895, ALFRED NOBEL, arranged in his will that a part of his fortune be distributed among the five Nobel prizes (Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace).

Alfred’s decision caused a lot of stir, mainly in his family, which opposed the creation of the awards, however little could be done against Alfred’s word and over the years a theory that explains the inspiration has come to light. for the awards.

Alfred was a prodigious engineer and chemist, he spoke 5 languages ​​(Swedish, Russian, French, English and German), he was an inventor and throughout his life he registered around 355 patents.

Alfred detailed the dynamics of the awards very well, opening them to anyone without any distinction and specifying the institutions that award the awards for the best advances, inventions or discoveries.

“It is my express wish that when awarding the prizes, nationality is not taken into account, but rather that the prize is awarded to the most valuable person, Scandinavian or not.”

With this I say goodbye, President ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR summoned his supporters to participate in the “civic and combative” party that is going to take place next Wednesday in the capital’s Zócalo on the occasion of his three years at the helm of the government federal.

“We are going to gather, so as not to lose the custom, in the democratic Zócalo of Mexico City. See you on December 1 at 5 pm ”.

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Naivety or cynicism?