Names were imposed on two Rojas schools

On Wednesday there were two educational events in Rojaswhere two schools were “baptized” with their new names. Secondary Education School No. 5 bears the name of “Roberto Fontanarrosa”; while Secondary School No. 3 was named “Marie Curie”. The events included the participation of educational authorities, school counselors, councilors and the communities of each public school.

Secondary 3 “Marie Curie”

Following a ministerial resolution, the institution will be named after the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, for his discoveries of radioactive elements and their uses in medicine.

It must be remembered that in September 2021 the possible alternatives for the high school in question to bear a name had been disseminated, among which were Albert Einstein, Frida Khalo, Rodolfo Walsh, María Remedios del Valle, Arturo Jauretche and Alejandra Pizarnik.

Once the administrative stages have been completed, the election was finally known in the figure of Marie Curie in the month of April of the current year. From the school, located in Virrey Vértiz and 20 de Diciembre, at that time they expressed satisfaction with the news, through their social networks: “The CQ3 has a name!!! Thanks to everyone who came up with names for the school.”

Who proposed the winning name was Julia Schwizer, who was very satisfied with the selection of her proposal: “Today I can say it, I’m happy. Last year in an institutional project for Secondary School No. 3 to have a name, I proposed that her name would be Marie Curie, because for me she is a reference, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for her discoveries of radioactive elements and their uses in medicine”.

Furthermore, he explained that “High School No. 3 is the only Public School in Rojas that has the Orientation in Natural Sciences”. “And I, a lover of Science, what better than proposing the name of this pioneering woman, fighter for women’s rights, who fought tirelessly to be the first woman to teach at a University and because her contributions to science were recognized”, he summarized.

Marie Curie was a pioneering physicist, mathematician, and chemist in the field of radioactivity. Marie was not only the first woman, but the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes in different specialties: Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911), and the first woman to teach at the University of Paris.

Secondary School 5 “Roberto Fontarrosa”

The Rojas Secondary School 5, which now bears the name of Rosario, is the youngest in the city. From its inauguration to the present, a pending issue remained to be resolved: what name would the institution bear? That is why some time ago the students opened the debate and invited the community to participate in the contest for which they could vote between different names. The winner was Rosario Alfredo “El Negro” Fontanarrosa.

This is how the name of the secondary school was established after the naming act was carried out. From the Rojense educational institution, progress was made in the election of the same during the 2021 school year, in which they also experienced the historic fact of having their first promotion of graduates. The first three most voted options were raised, through the District Headquarters, to the General Council of Culture and Education, where the final decision was made.

The project for which the name of the school was established was called “A name for my school”, which closed the vote on May 31. The considerations that were taken into account were that the person could not have convictions for crimes against humanity, they could not be names referring to commercial trademarks or corporate emblems, foreign words should be avoided and a period of not less than 10 years should have elapsed since their death. death.

Among the names that could be voted on were: Lola Mora, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Mercedes Sosa, Rodolfo Walsh, Yente Eugenia Crenovich, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Benito Quinquela Martín, Paula Albarracín, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Antonio Berni, Juanito Luna, Raquel Forner, Jacinto Piedra. , René Favaloro, Roberto Sandro and Víctor Oscar Lolo.

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Names were imposed on two Rojas schools