Nélida Piñón honors the non-Nobel

On the death of Imre Kertesz, Hungarian Literature Nobel Prize winner of Jewish origin, I wrote: “a Nobel Prize winner falls from the tree of life, his merit still immature. He redeems undeserved praise and deserved praise too. There is no posthumous recognition, although the intention is to extend the recognition received during life. Today they cover him with panegyrics. Everyone talks about themselves in the obituaries, they tell and do not stop about their relationship with the ex vivo, about how much they contributed to get… to the grave. In days they bury him in oblivion, banish him from his memories, to steal witty phrases, anecdotes, and whatever the other was. It is possible that the winner will be resurrected next to his closest friend impostor. And then, only then, will they applaud the god they didn’t believe in.

Earlier, on a day when the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Alice Munro, and on the anniversary of another splendid lunch with my friend Nélida Piñón, at the Carretas Restaurant in Santiago de Compostela, on October 10 of 2013, he had written:
“Once upon a time there was a kingdom and a presentiment…

…Something told me that a special decision was going to take place in the Nordic Countries… Perhaps I let myself be carried away by a logical desire, based on friendship, on the knowledge of a vital task built with words, with meaningful feelings, with accents close to the pronunciation of the soul, with commas and periods scattered with the patterned rhythm required by the expression of genius, a consistent translation of the mundane spirit of the village and the understanding of a world and its inhabitants, of the dense culture of the miscegenation. Inspiration…

The rite of the No Nobel has been fulfilled. Privileged witnesses are: Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov, Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Augusto Roa Bastos, Liev Tolstoy, Emile Zola, Henrik Ibsen, Carlos Fuentes or Paul Valéry. Expiration.
Nélida Piñón -now also No Nobel Prize winner- continues to be a confirmed brotherhood friend and quality in oral and written expression. Good fantasies last an eternity and I want to continue dreaming with my friend from A Lagoa… With the day -already impossible-, in which -we will not- fulfill the old commitment to open the dance in Stockholm… Meanwhile, we will eat partridges in Borela or wherever life finds us. The happy encounters reward themselves and are collected every day. Admiration.

As Carmen Balcels well knew, Swedish academics read little in Brazilian and Spanish. Confirmation.

Borges said: “I will always be the future Nobel. It must be a Scandinavian tradition.” The Nobel Prize is a story, at least for the lucky Alice Munro, who, as Nélida Piñón wrote, the day she was recognized, she came home “with bread under her arm and a story to tell”. Here’s to Canadian letters, which can be warm as cabins. Hope”.

Nélida was recognized with the then Prince of Asturias, with the Juan Rulfo and with all the prizes awarded to those who read with passion and understanding.

Let’s keep reading. It’s a nice way to wait for the Swedes to apologize. Unsafety.

We want to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this incredible material

Nélida Piñón honors the non-Nobel