Netflix showed a preview of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gabriel García Márquez’s Nobel Prize

Colombia continues to be one of the countries to which Netflix points most strongly; its public and the wide range of stories to tell mean that the country is always on the platform’s plans of streaming that each time designs products in which the Colombian culture stands out.

It is the case of the project you want bring to the small screen One hundred years of solitudea book that earned the writer Gabriel García Márquez the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 and that put magical realism on the lips of the entire world.

In 2019, Netflix had confirmed that the project would be a reality and today, October 21, 40 years after Gabo obtained that recognition, The platform showed a message accompanied by a video that shows previews of what Macondo will look like, a fictional town where the novel written by Magdalena, born in Aracataca, was developed.

“Today, 40 years later, we continue to celebrate Gabriel García Márquez’s Nobel Prize for Literature! And for that, here I leave you the first images of Macondo, which will come to life in the series of One hundred years of solitudeNetflix wrote in its post.

In the video you can see people working in each of the details that will be this town full of magic and unique stories that tell how the Colombian idiosyncrasy is.

Carlos Ochoa, entertainment journalist, went a little further and assured that the two directors who will direct the first season will be Álex García López and Laura Mora; the scripts will be in charge of José Rivera, Natalia Santa, Camila Brugés, Albatros González, María Camila Arias and the production will be in charge of the Colombian firm Dynamo.

Netflix increased its number of subscribers

While the platform continues to focus on finding new content and projects that captivate new audiences and audiences in different parts of the world, the news about your finances seems to be taking a positive turn to end the year.

Netflix has had a complicated 2022 due to the loss of subscriberswho have decided to switch to other platforms that offer the same services, or simply decided to unsubscribe because they did not find content that motivates them to pay the monthly fee.

But fortunately for the company, in the third quarter of 2022 there was an improvement in the numbers, since the arrival of 2.4 million new subscribers was reported in the quarterly accounts report. What exceeds the expectations of Netflix, since for this period of the year an increase of just one million users was expected.

The platform that revolutionized television has achieved, during this quarter, 1,398 million dollars in profits alone, which has allowed it to rise from the negative trend that it had been dragging since the beginning of the year, since the constant loss of users during 2022 led to Netflix suffering the largest collapse in its history in the stock market.

After the platform was almost the only one that offered a varied and complete service of movies and series for streaming to all the world, Several platforms appeared that began to win over Netflix. What was inevitable was felt in the company and led to decisions in search of recovering from losses.

This need is what has driven the entertainment company to innovate in the content offer and look towards programs, series, soap operas or movies that were successful in the past, to buy their rights and retransmit them or devise new versions that allow them to retain their users and hook new subscribers who are looking for alternatives in the television market.

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Netflix showed a preview of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gabriel García Márquez’s Nobel Prize