Nobel Peace Prize 2022. Prize for discord and war

Oswaldo Ramirez Gonzalez

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Nobody is oblivious to the fact that for several years now the prizes awarded by Western organizations have been just a mere “cash” of the politically correct or rather an uncomfortable appendix to generate controversy and consequently make economic, social or monetary gains in the medium term; The Hollywood Oscars, the Miss Universe pageant, the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Peace Prize have all been highly controversial. Although each of these has different justifications and contexts, there is no doubt that, despite the fact that the latter are granted by the United States, instead the influence of the decisions crosses the Atlantic Ocean making these a just for world sociopolitical chess.

In 2009, Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize practically as a welcome gift to the White House as president in turn. Paradoxically, he became the first president to be involved in military conflicts, so it was not uncommon for him to be nicknamed “Mr. Missile”. Not even Franklin D. Roosevelt, president during the period of World War II, spent every day of his administration instigating military conflicts as Obama’s two terms in the US were.

Therefore, when the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky was mentioned in the list of candidates weeks after the award was given for this year, far from seeming somewhat hilarious, clumsy and offensive, it is understood that it was part of the socio-political marketing that NATO and The European Union wanted to provoke greater support and empathy with the conflict in favor of Ukraine and incidentally exercise a moral offense in the face of Vladimir Putin.

Fortunately, Zelensky’s candidacy did not prosper, and luckily and for the honor of Mexican diplomacy, our Huey Tlatoani AMLO vetoed Mexico’s vote for such designation, thus avoiding falling into third-party political games. Instead this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners were unusually three entrants; political activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian Human Rights organization “Memorial” and the Ukrainian Human Rights Organization Center for Civil Liberties.

Zelensky’s reaction to Mexico’s diplomatic decision was immediate, what is more, as he has done with various parliaments of the European Union and the United States Congress, Volodimir Zelensky sent a request to the Senate and Deputies to have a virtual audience with the full House. To this fact, the president of the Legislative Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Creel, announced the request, which was sent through his Ukrainian legislative counterpart. There is still no specific date for the virtual audience with said president, but if we are certain of something, we know that his speech will try to persuade Mexican politicians, something that I see as difficult in relation to the Morenista and allied legislators, while the opposition be predictable in their reaction just as they have in other cases; They will try to generate protagonism and get political slits from their petty interests in a situation that is alien to them as well as so many in their 4T dictatorial fantasy universe.

Now, returning to the Nobel Peace Prize winners, we observe a clear bias, in which case they try to generate pressure on Russian public opinion and incidentally on their closest ally in the current conflict, Aleksander Lukashenko, president of Belarus. Through this award, an attempt is made to politically and morally weaken the Belarusian government, which since 1994 has seen Lukashenko installed as president for life. The echo of Belarusian civil society is expected to press for the release of Bialiatski, who was imprisoned for denouncing the torture and censorship that the government of his country exercises against his opponents.

Regarding the second winner, the Center for Civil Liberties of Ukraine, its objective is to document crimes, in recent months its task has focused on documenting the crimes of the Russian troops invading Ukraine. Curiously, this same association has turned a blind eye when denouncing the neo-Nazi crimes of the Azov Battalion against the Russian-speakers living in Ukrainian territory. Instead, they are in favor of a rapprochement of kyiv with the European Union, of that size the double standards of this organization.

Finally, the third winner, the Russian human rights organization “Memorial”, which has been in operation since the 19870s. Its objective has been to document the dark facts of the former Soviet Union in order to show that many of them politicians and officials of the former Soviet regime still have significant power reserves today. The latter has been the reason why President Putin has censored and persecuted some of its members.

Apparently these Nobel appointments would generate a setback in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and although it is true that the West does not want to see itself as an inquisitor, it does instigate to generate destabilization within Russia and Belarus. Do not misunderstand me, the acts of censorship and imprisonment in these countries are despicable, but I wonder what the United States and Europe have not done the same with Julian Assange? And if it weren’t for the stroke of luck and asylum that Russia gave to Eduard Snowden, an American naturalized Russian consultant and ex-spy, the persecution of the West would have reached him just like Assange, hypocrites! The good judge starts with his house, don’t you think?

While these Manichean designations are lost on the horizon, a colder winter than the one that awaits the whole of Europe if the energy issue is not resolved awaits the entire planet, and if civil society does not raise its voice, it is likely that the fourth world war indeed be with stones and sticks. I am referring to nuclear winter and the catastrophic consequences not only for those involved but for the entire globe. Joe Biden has recently called for military exercises with simulated nuclear weapons in NATO territories close to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. On the other side of the world, South Korea takes its “precautions” as it suspects a possible escalation of its neighbor North Korea. In such a way that tensions rise to a level they had not been since the Missile Crisis in Cuba in the 60’s of the last century.

It seems that the recent pandemic, generated by political irresponsibility and for the benefit of pharmaceutical emporiums, did not leave enough deaths and pain throughout the world. Man reproduces the worst of his behavior throughout history, and despite the fact that there is still hunger and shortages in the world as well as diseases to eradicate, “business to business” continues to be a priority, although in the end there is not enough planet left for the tasting of capitalist pigs, arms dealers, energy speculators and hoarders of natural resources. I wonder if in an unconscious and mechanized society there can be a place not only for prayers, virtual manifestos, memes and signatures on the web, but also for raising our voices and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We do not want the silence of death to drag us all down because of the faults and complaints of a few.


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Nobel Peace Prize 2022. Prize for discord and war