Nobel Peace Prize is presented at the Future Congress 2023 Maule – Universidad Católica del Maule

On January 18, this new version will be held in person at the TRM, whose protagonist is the discussion on science, technology and the society of the future. The World Peace Prize, Rattan Lal, and prominent researchers such as Partha Dasgupta and Lina Zeldovich participate together with scientists from the University of Talca, the Autonomous University of Chile and the Catholic University of Maule.

At the Maule Regional Theater (TRM), the announcement of what will be the largest science event in the Maule region and the country was made, with a new version of the Future Congress 2023 “Without Real Limit”, which will be will develop openly and free of charge to the local community on Wednesday, January 18 from 09:30 a.m. and that you can follow through the official transmission by

And it is that again the Future Congress gives us the possibility of learning first-hand about various topics such as agriculture, soil degradation and restoration, economy and biodiversity, climate change, science communication and environmental issues, with world-class exhibitors such as the World Peace Prize, Rattan Lal, Partha Dasgupta and Lina Zeldovich.

Inviting the community to participate in CF 2023, Senator Ximena Rincón, member of the Future Challenges Commission of the Senate of the Republic of Chile, stated that “This year, when it is 10 years old, the future congress will be in all regions of the country, and specifically in the Maule, where we will talk about agriculture, biodiversity and the environment. This allows boys, girls, young people and adults, to have first-hand and direct access in the territory to the novelties of the scientific world that the congress brings us, ”she said.

“I invite all the Maulinas and the Maulinos to attend the various activities that the future congress will offer our region,” added the Senator.

In the meeting with local media, the rector of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Dr. Claudio Rojas Miño, pointed out that “The central issue here is climate change, which I deepen as a climate crisis. Probably one of the areas in which we can contribute from the Maule is how to generate sustainable agriculture. At least from the Catholic University of Maule, one of our most important centers has to do with the coastal dry land to support that sector that is very depressed. The important thing is to raise awareness that we will all have to see a crisis dynamic that we may refuse to see, but that is affecting us and will affect us more in five more years if we are not capable of advancing in actions to resolve these issues that we are experiencing,” he said.

In this same sense, the rector of the University of Talca, Dr. Carlos Torres Fuschlocher, highlighted that “the fundamental issue of interest to society is, of course, climate change and the resilience of our planet to resist the demand that we as humanity impose on it. In this sense, as a University we have declared in our vision and strategic plan our emphasis in the field of research, innovation and linkage in what is climate change and mitigation measures that help to adapt, for example, forests and crops ”, he said he.

Words that were reinforced by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Doctorates of the Autonomous University of Chile, Dr. Iván Suazo Galdames, who stated that “We are going to have more and more climatic events and agricultural production crises associated with water stress and people displaced for reasons environmental, that is, it is a problem that is affecting the entire society and Chile will be one of the countries most affected by the difficulties associated with the water crisis, in such a way that the only way to deal with this is with knowledge and with people that they understand what science has to say about that and with researchers that generate knowledge that allows us to face this panorama and then transform our development model that we have as a society and that has often done a lot of damage to the environment”, he stated.

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At Maule, the program is organized into three thematic panels. The first of them focused on the issues of agriculture, soil degradation and restoration and in which the Nobel Peace Prize and World Food Prize 2020, Rattan Lal, will participate remotely, who will present on the challenges of environmentally responsible agriculture. ; bioethics specialist in technology and virtual health.

The second panel is headed by Partha Dasgupta, who will present on Economics of biodiversity, climate change; and closes the third panel Lina Zeldovich, who will refer to science communication, environmental issues.

Among the local panelists we can mention the researchers and PhD: Yaneris Mirabal, María Alejandra Moya; Sara Cuadros; Carlos Esse, Samuel Ortega, Julien Vanhulst, Pamela Rojas, Blas Lavandero and Patricia Silva. To find out the complete program, as well as the biography of the exhibitors, in addition to having the possibility of following CF 2023 minute by minute, you can visit the web portal and the social networks @congresofuturo

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Nobel Peace Prize is presented at the Future Congress 2023 Maule – Universidad Católica del Maule