I return to the thread of the jubilant column scribbled by this humble scribe last week, alluding to the substantial, substantial, enhanced speech delivered by President PËTRO, on September 20, at the 77th Assembly of the United Nations, just over a month of inauguration as president of Colombia “country of yellow butterflies, of magic”: Government ‘alternative‘, of ‘change‘, whose narrative -without variables- is the same as the campaign, inspired by a declared feeling of Latin American unity, added the purpose: to save the Amazon -lung of the planet-, its waters, flora and fauna, from the criminal, unpunished fumigation with glyphosate that destroys it. Complaint embodied bluntly, euphemisms, subterfuges, media whining, which, under the pretext of an apparent, hypocritical fight against climate change, according to ditto experts, leads, accelerates the inevitable, irresponsible, obstinate, stubborn extinction of humanity.

For an infinity of acute, wise analysts, said speech has been the most courageous, forceful, brainy, symbolic, brave international intervention of the Colombian president, any; country where -paradoxically- coexist “life and beauty, death and terror”. Speech full of truths, in which PETRO made visible again -without hesitation-, the global climate crisis; he advocated “a new global paradigm”-“change for life”.

Action -needless to add- that catapulted him, projected, earned important political revenues -internal and external-; recognition as an authorized Amazonian spokesperson for the relegated Latin American community, before the gringo hegemony.

Al Gore, former US Vice President, helped raise awareness of the pressing ‘global warming‘, with the famous, exalted documentary (2006): ‘THE TRUTH THAT BOTHERS‘, revived -kept proportions- by PETRO, with deep conviction. Calamity, ordeal, catastrophe, setback, tragedy -in the making-, fueled by dependence on fossil fuels; of coal, “causes of the climatic disaster that will kill hundreds of millions of people”.

Revelation that Al Gore deserved the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, then shared with the ‘United Nations Panel on Climate’ (IPCC), «for their efforts in collecting and disseminating knowledge on man-made climate changes«.

Problematic, foundations, added, reinforced by PETRO, with the failed, unsuccessful, irrational war against illicit, lucrative cocaine trafficking, of addictive synthetic psychoactive drugs -such as the lethal FENTANYL, an opioid in fashion in the US-; the repression; the massive incarceration of traffickers; death -by overdose- of hundreds of thousands of people; the accentuated submission to power, to dirty money, the engine of society; cultivation of the demonized coca leaf; greedy mass of wealth.

Addictions, stratagem, farce, prudishness, imposture, which if they persist lead to the decline of the human species, highlighted by PETRO; altruistic, courageous highlight -in my opinion- valid so that the opinion -of good-, sponsors the NOBEL -possibility not ruled out. Recognition of the friendly, transcendental crusade advanced for the benefit of humanity.

Eventuality that has the delusional, hysterical band of cronies -with double standards- of the unmentionable -‘who don’t walk, they levitate’- on tenterhooks; case of the egotistical, sibylline, Andrés Pastrana, turncoat who, corroded by envy, crossed out the speech of ‘shame´; equally undervalued by the insipid, vain: Paloma Valencia, the Cabal, the hollow, presumptuous vassals: Pacho Santos, Enrique Peñalosa, subjected to the dictation of the unpresentable, ineffable ‘eternal president’.

Evicted, impudent, malicious bunch of buffoons from his entrails; sold-out countries arranged to describe the substantial, frontal intervention, as “apology that will convert Colombia -rejured- in a narco-state. They intentionally ignored PETRO’s rational request to the countries of the North, to change their approach, treatment, to stop – above all – crimes against society.

Vision shared by almost all of the good leadership of the third world, environmentalists, in accordance with the assertive, lucid ‘I sing for life‘ which proclaimed: «Only in peace can we save life on our land. There will be no peace without social, economic, environmental justice«, contrary to the detractors -of yore- who, after the desire to regain power, implore PETRO to do poorly at the expense of the country.

Erratic prohibitive policy, whose consequences have generated: unstoppable corruption, stimulated traffic, mafias; quintupled the problems associated with consumption that, in the name of health, leads millions of compatriots around the world to prisons, hospices, asylums.

Puzzle linked to the lack of commitment of the political power, reluctant to understand it as a matter of public health; of dependence on the enslaved masses; due – I repeat – to the opposition to assuming the defense of the global ecosystem, the energy transition, cost. Misfortune exposed with dazzling, exquisite vehemence, clairvoyance, reason for universal applause, joy, resonance.

* By: Mario Arias Gomez.

Bogota DC, October 02, 2022

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