Nobel Peace Prize: when is it announced and what are the bets

Every year, the Nobel Prizes They are delivered in different categories. For each one of them, and through different sites of bets, people from all over the world play guess Who will get the distinction? In this context, the season of awards It has already started and there is a lot of mystery around who will be the winner of the peace, which is the next to be announced.

Unlike what happens with the Oscarthe Martin Fierro or other type of deliveries linked to art, journalism or sports, in this case, there is no known nominees list before the award. This means that the options are many and, therefore, you can choose from hundreds of candidates for bet.

As a curiosity, the different categories of the Nobel Prizes they are announced on different days, although with a certain proximity in time. In this way, on Monday the announcement of the winner of the medicine laureate; on Tuesday, from the winner in physical; on Wednesday, from chemistry; and on Thursday, from literature. For its part, the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced this Friday, October 7 at 6 in the morning (Argentine time). The remaining distinction is that of economywhich is scheduled for Monday, October 10.

How are the bets for the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

The winner of each of the categories becomes a creditor of SEK 10,000,000which is equivalent to almost $900,000.

Since they are not revealed nominations who received the Norwegian Nobel Committeeresponsible for selecting the winnerthere are many names that are not public knowledge.

However, the different betting sites have a list of the most recognized figures who were postulated to the reward and, based on that, they evaluate the possibilities of each candidate and define how much they will pay each one of those who guess the chosen one.

For this year, who heads the list of possible winners is the ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskywhich was proposed by the European Parliament in recognition of the task it had to face in the face of invasion of russia. However, some consider that it is unlikely to happen, since it is still in the armed conflict.

Other political leaders who were proposed are the Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tijanovskaya and the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Furthermore, within the list of potential winners that make the sites bets meets an Argentine: the Pope Francisco.

Added to them, among the recognized names, appears that of the activist Greta Thunberg and that of the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

It should be noted that the distinction can also be awarded to institutions, social movements and even to stocks. It is so there is bets who say that the Nobel Peace Prize go to ukrainian peoplethe World Health Organizationthe movement Black Lives Matter or the Palestinian Center for Human Rightsamong others.


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Nobel Peace Prize: when is it announced and what are the bets