Nobel Peace Prize winner regrets denial of visa to social activist to arrive in Mexico

At the end of a week of 700 activities of the 2022 World Social Forum in which the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner participated, the Tunisian Hedia Arfaoi pointed out that a social activist from the transgender community was denied a visa.

The World Social Forum held its XV edition in a hybrid way (face-to-face and remote) after the appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that modified the activities of this forum and that for the first time turned the capital’s government buildings into its headquarters.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate stated: “This FMS 2022 had to face obstacles that made it difficult or prevented the presence of representatives from various countries, especially African and Asian countries. We denounce the denial of visas to members of delegations from various countries and the impediment by part of the immigration authorities entering the country to several of our colleagues in reference to Keyla, an activist for the human rights of transgender women.

Representatives of groups and social movements from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East gathered at this WSF 2022 meeting.

In conclusion at a press conference this Saturday, the Nobel Prize winner and members of the FMS 2022 from 30 countries explained that 789 workshops and assemblies were held in 15 venues in Mexico City, and they recognized Hegel Cortés as one of their hosts, who lent the School of Public Administration for the meeting with the media.

Within these conclusions, they found that governments have used the pandemic to attack democratic freedoms to promote various restrictions on the rights of peoples and, above all, to give unjustified power to large private laboratories, the first beneficiaries of a universal pandemic caused by the irrational action of capitalism”.

Hedia Arfaoi accompanied the complaint of the social movements that face challenges as a result of the exploitation of water, land and space, which are accelerating climate change, migratory flows, population displacement and thus the destructuring of our societies.

“This economic, social and cultural violence is a form of permanent war to which humanity is subjected that can only be stopped with a radical change in the system,” they also pointed out when addressing issues such as feminism, culture, communication, human rights , climate, self-determination of peoples and working women.

“It is certain that this forum will lead to many collective actions that will be launched without delay.”

They ultimately said the stakes at the 2022 World Social Forum “was high.”

“In a profoundly contradictory world situation, it allowed us to: redefine an alter-globalization proposal corresponding to the new situation, understand the new contractions of the world system, start from the new movements to resist, define alternatives and build a new emancipation project,” they stated.

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Nobel Peace Prize winner regrets denial of visa to social activist to arrive in Mexico