Nobel Prize in Economics: this year’s winner is known today

It’s time to meet the new Nobel Prize in Economics. This Monday at 11:45 a.m. Spanish time, the recipient of the prestigious Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences will be announced, the official name of an award with a special background and that differs somewhat from the traditional ones, especially due to its history and birth.

The one in Economics, the last to be awarded normally, is not a strict Nobel. The distinction in Economic Sciences began to be awarded as of 1969, unlike other categories that began in 1901. This is because it was not originally included in the will of Alfred Nobel, magnate inventor of dynamite, and was launched as a celebration of the third centenary of the Bank of Sweden, the country’s central institution.


Women take center stage among the possible Nobel Prize in Economics 2022

Making pools on potential winners is difficult. Some names always resonate among the candidates, but at the moment of truth the universe of researchers that can be recognized reduces the possibilities. Among the names that the experts have highlighted, in any case, the American Claudia Goldin stands out, a Harvard professor specializing in labor and economic history who has been around for years. Among other issues, she has studied the salary gap, the role of women in the labor market or the value of education.

Other names also stand out, such as the Belgian Marianne Bertrand, labor economist; the American-Canadian Janet Currie, specialized in anti-poverty policy or Anne Krueger, also American and who has worked at the World Bank and the IMF. They are joined by Richard Blundell, a labor specialist, Sam Bowles and Herbert Gintis, American octogenarians focused on altruistic cooperation. In France they also rescue Thomas Piketty, who has focused his research on wealth inequality.


The one for Economics is a different Nobel, which was born a posteriori

Last year the honor went to David Card, Joshua D. Angrist, and Guido W. Imbens for their empirical contributions to labor economics and their methodological contributions to the analysis of causal relationships.

Among the awards with curiosities behind, the one from 2019 stands out, when Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, a couple, were awarded along with their colleague Michael Kremer. Duflo is one of two women who have won the Nobel Prize in Economics. The other was Elinor Ostrom in 2009, alongside Oliver E. Williamson. In other words, a woman has never won an award alone, something that has happened among men, such as Angus Deaton in 2015. Among the winners are names that were previously unknown and that today are great economic gurus, such as Joseph Stiglitz (2001 ) or Paul Krugman (2008).

Card, Angrist and Imbens were recognized with the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

The prize consists of a gold medal, a diploma and a check for ten million Swedish crowns, about 910,000 euros. In case of being the prize for more than one person, the amount is distributed. Of course, in the ad you can already define how much each one receives.

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Nobel Prize in Economics: this year’s winner is known today