Now it turns out that Disney is a communist

The war of the most extreme sector of the Republican Party against Disney, which now turns out to be little less than communist, is a symptom of the drift of this conservative formation. Perhaps, writing “sector” be inaccurate because the majority are those who have thrown themselves into the mountains, those who have QanonizedIn the words of the Nobel laureate in economics, Paul Krugman.

QAnon is a far right and ultra religious group contrary to vaccines and masks. He is implicated in the attempted coup of January 6, 2021, when a mob of pro-Trump extremists stormed the US Congress to prevent the proclamation of the winner of the elections, Democrat Joe Biden.

The Republicans, who rule in 28 states and they have half of the seats in the Senate, they refuse to consider that assault an attack on democracy; for them it was part of a legitimate dialogue. In addition, they denounce the persecution of the patriots who participated. This drift does not start in the Trump presidency, although it normalizes, as is the case with Marine Le Pen in France. It is a disease that began with Joe McCarthythe inquisitor.

More to the right than Trump

Santis Rum is the current Republican Governor of Florida. He is further to the right of Trump. He says similar barbarities, but also acts. Under his mandate, the history books have been pruned to prevent the white man from being associated with slavery and 44 math texts have been banned. A month ago he signed a law that prohibits talking about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. Democrats call it don’t say gay. De Santis aspires to be the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential elections.

What does Disney paint in the war? Since 1967, the company has enjoyed a special status, similar to that of a county. It has responsibility for cleaning services, police, electricity distribution, building inspection and medical emergencies. It is financed through taxes and fees to the owners, in addition to the issuance of bonds. It is a unique case in the US: a company with executive powers on the citizens of its territory.

Florida it granted this status over an area of ​​109 square kilometers, which in those years was made up of uncultivated and swampy lands. He aspired to open a second emporium capable of competing with that of California and attract millions of tourists, as it has been. Today it is the largest private employer in the State of Florida.

After pressure from his workers, Disney went from silence to express its opposition to the law don’t say gay and suspended his million-dollar donations to the Republican Party (and the Democrats to cover it up). This has sparked a war. Santis is preparing to withdraw the special status in June 2023. It serves the governor to project a national image. The citizens will lose because Florida will have to assume the payment of a debt of one billion dollars. If you take political control, you also eat their debts.

the kiss restored

In response to the pulse, the company has restored a bthat between two characters of the same sex in the Pixar movie Lightyear. It was the initial self-censorship that mobilized its workers, who complained about Disney’s neutrality on civil rights issues. Disney’s success depends on the image of multiculturalism that it conveys.

The Qanonization Republican has led them to accuse Disney of being part of a conspiracy to indoctrinate and sexualize children. There have been no shortage of accusations of child pornography. This extreme party can win the elections legislative elections in November and control Congress. Most Republicans are on the side of the radical Eric Zemmour, a French racist who calls for the expulsion of Muslims and blacks from his country.

66% of Republicans believeThe White Majority Replacement Theory of the US by immigrants brought by the Democrats to seize power. Hence, some Republican states have passed laws to make it difficult for minorities to vote.

This excess that affected vaccines and masks It is born from the fear of a world shaken by a technological revolution, climate change and a rejection of demographic changes and customs. The extreme right wing are nourished by this panic. It is the same that moves the Putin’s war in Ukraine. Hope is based on a hitherto infallible fact: after the storm there is always calm. The problem is that the real storm is called a hurricane and it hasn’t started yet. These winds are just the appetizer.

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Now it turns out that Disney is a communist