Obama and the main Spanish and Andalusian authorities open the Digital Enterprise Show

The first edition of DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2022 in Malaga, the largest technological event in Spain and Europe after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and of which PuroMarketing is a media partnerhas been inaugurated by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sancheztogether with the acting president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno; the mayor of Malaga, Francis of the Tower, and the president of the Diputación de Málaga, Jose Francisco Salado.

The fair, which has previously been held in Madrid for 5 years, has now given way to Malaga, which has become one of the main technological hubs in Europe, as the authorities present at the event have explained. Companies such as Google, Vodafone or Accenture have recently joined its Technology Park.

The day started very early for the thousands of people who traveled by AVE and plane to the capital of Malaga. The event has started before its inauguration in the eight simultaneous spaces in which more than 600 national and international speakers related to the field of digitization will present the latest developments in the sector over the next three days.

Among these talks, the one by Barack Obama stood out, who has focused on digitization as a solution to many of the current problems, but also as a focus for the appearance of new challenges facing society; In addition, he has spoken of the importance of youth as a source of hope for a fairer, more sustainable and more peaceful world; as well as the need to promote innovation in the world hand in hand with investment in education and in new companies by private capital, favoring the appearance of a digital development ecosystem.

The public that packed the main hall of the event has subsequently followed the inauguration by the authorities.

Pedro Sánchez, in his speech, highlighted the organization of DES2022 in Malaga and recognized that “over the next five years, this city will be a fundamental center of digital transformation in southern Europe”.

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During his speech, Sánchez announced an aid package of 19,000 million euros for digital transformation, the focus of modernization together with energy transformation: “The future of the European project will depend, to a large extent, on our ability to carry out both transformations towards a much fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable model from an environmental point of view”.

Pedro Sanchez has made these statements after the meeting held in private with the Nobel Peace Prize winner and 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The conversation of the former president and 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner has brought together a thousand directors from the most important international technology corporations, who have witnessed the talk on how to face the challenges facing today’s global society.

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Andalusian institutions turn to DES2022

Juanma Morenoacting president of the Junta de Andalucía, has put his electoral campaign agenda on hold for a moment to participate in the event and has indicated that “Andalusia is not willing to lose a single opportunity for the future. Technology offers us a new future , which we want to support from the Andalusian administration with more and better training to adapt to these new challenges”, he stated.

For his part, the mayor of Malaga, Francis of the Towerhas mentioned that “the Digital Enterprise Show is an event totally aligned with the city’s strategy in its positioning as a technological and innovative enclave, which is also an example of public-private collaboration to promote the development of the driving sectors of the new economy”.

“Málaga is ideal for this. We have created and continue to create an ecosystem for innovation and attracting talent that makes it a cutting-edge city and a pole of attraction for investing, working and living”, added De la Torre. Likewise, the mayor stressed that “the city is committed to the SDGs and sustainability and, for this reason, he recalled, it is working on Malaga’s candidacy to host the International Exhibition ‘The urban era: towards the sustainable city’ in 2027”.

Finally, the president of the Diputación de Málaga, Joseph Francis Salado has underlined that the capital of Malaga “wants to exercise cooperative leadership in the digital revolution that radiates to the rest of Andalusia and southern Europe”.

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And along these lines, he recognized that ““DES-Digital Enterprise Show is the ideal platform to show the Malaga that we are and the one that we want to be: international, innovative and eager to continue learning and growing”.

In this sense, he highlighted the work that the institutions are carrying out: “At Costa del Sol Tourism we are pioneers in the analysis of Big Data and the use of Artificial Intelligence to better measure demand in real time in our markets and address more precisely the type of tourist we want to visit us. And, most importantly, we share all this information with companies on the Costa del Sol, so that they can use it in their businesses. We want to do the same with the agri-food industry, promoting the digitization of family businesses, helping them to better sell their products in a global market”.

PuroMarketing, as a media partner of the event, will report during these days on the highlights that occur at DES 2022.

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Obama and the main Spanish and Andalusian authorities open the Digital Enterprise Show