Obama at Digital Enterprise Show: “Governments have to promote initiatives for the energy transition”

Former President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Barack Obama was the protagonist of the first day of the Digital Enterprise Show 2022, (DES), the largest technological event in Europe after the Mobile World Congress, which is being held until this Thursday in Malaga and which is expected to be attended by more than 14,000 congressmen and 600 international experts.

During his speech, the former president of the United States reviewed the great challenges that today’s world faces in terms of digitizationtransparency and sustainability, and the acceleration of the changes we are experiencing thanks to technology.

“We must not forget that the smartphones they are only 12 years old, but when you go to any small town everyone has one. We have never seen such a big and fast technological change” she highlighted. A change that has led us to be a connected world from which “social networks are a good example of how information flows, but also how this information can be toxic“, he pointed.

The geopolitical situation has been another of the great topics on which the conversation with Barack Obama at DES2022 has gone. He said that “to win in this context of ideas between democracy and authoritarianism we have to look for an inclusive capitalism that reduces inequalities.”

Taking advantage of his visit to Malaga, the former president has claimed that “we must think at the local and regional levelpeople need a feeling of belonging, but it has to be healthy, without creating enemies”.

obama has also addressed the migration crisis that has worsened in recent years and its relationship with climate change. “I think there is strong evidence that the migration crisis that we are experiencing in the world has been triggered by climate change. People may not have any other option but to leave their land”, he exposed.

For this reason, he stressed that we must «bet on clean energy. Governments have to promote initiatives for the energy transition. If I belonged to the technology sector, I would probably be thinking about how to use existing technologies and apply them”.

progress ecosystem

In an environment like the DES-Digital Enterprise Show and in a city like Malaga, the former US president has also spoken about the importance of the technology sector in social and economic development. “If a company grows, it can directly hire people and will have the ability to investigate and seek business alliances” he has declared.

Obama has also defended the digitization of the industry because, in his words, “robotization is what is going to reduce repetitive and tedious jobs that do not require transformation or creativity.”

Having good universities and an ecosystem of venture capital have been the two recipes that the former American president has indicated to the attendees to develop a strong technological fabric.

In addition, he pointed out that to encourage the entrepreneurial ecosystem it is key to be willing to take risks, and that good risk management is what will bring about innovative projects and new business models.

Technology brings changes and new ways of working that we must be prepared to face. “It is time to reimagine how to redistribute work and we will have to make social and political adjustments to adapt to the new reality that is coming. We need to train people more, pay them more for jobs that can’t be automated.” “It’s time to have the conversation about the 4-day workday, because things are moving fast.”

Obama has closed his speech in front of 1,000 senior officials of large international corporations with optimismhighlighting the role of young generations in the current and future world.

The problems we are talking about today will not be solved in our short lifetime, so we must prepare the next generation to do so.”. And he has stressed that “the most important thing we can do today is to encourage and accompany the young generations towards leadership. All over the world I see very prepared young people and my message to them is: I am here to help you. Young generations are increasingly innovative and have a more holistic and inclusive worldview.”

Malaga, technological epicenter

After the former president’s session at DES2022, Sandra Infante, director of DES2022, stressed that “Barack Obama’s presence in Malaga has had a very positive impact for the entire city as well as for all of Spain, since it has placed Malaga and Andalusia in the world epicenter of innovation, reinforcing its position as a benchmark technology hub in southern Europe”.

Infante added that “we have filled the hotels in Malaga and we are aware that many companies that participate in DES are organizing their own events in the city, creating much more impact on its economy.”

More than 250 media outlets from around the world are covering this great digital transformation event, in which there are more than 336 exhibiting firms presenting their latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cybersecurity, Multicloud, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality , Blockchain or 5G.

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Obama at Digital Enterprise Show: “Governments have to promote initiatives for the energy transition”