October: In 1962 John F. Kennedy announces to the world the blockade on Cuba due to the installation of Soviet missiles

In the same way, this month we remember that in 1982 Gabriel García Márquez won the Nobel Prize for Literature and in 2002 a violent attack in an Indonesian nightclub caused the death of more than 300 people, among others ephemeris.

“Kennedy ordered the blockade of Cuba: Armed Forces on alert”, headlined the newspaper Trade reporting on the momentous announcement made by the President of the United States a October 22, 1962. The discovery by American spy planes of installations of soviet missiles on the island, forced the US government to take drastic measures. As reported by jfk In a message to the nation, any ship with offensive war material that is detected heading to Cuba, including those of the USSR, will be forced to withdraw or, otherwise, may be seized by the United States Navy.

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The announcement was broadcast in Stockholm, a October 21, 1982. “The Swedish Academy of Letters appointed the Colombian writer and journalist Gabriel Garcia Marquez 55 years old, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 1982″, says the dean’s note. García Márquez was among the favorites along with the Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, the Argentine Jorge Luis Borges and the Mexican Octavio Paz. The jury praised works such as “One hundred years of solitude” and “The Autumn of the Patriarch”, highlighting its magical realism and how the conflicts in Latin America are reflected in them”.

The October 12, 2002a brutal attempt in a nightclub located on the Indonesian island of balinese causes more than 200 deaths, including many tourists. The detonation occurred when the place was packed with people, killing more than 160 foreigners and about 40 Indonesians. The attack began with the activation of a bomb inside Paddy’s Pub, forcing its attendees to flee to the outskirts. There was a car bomb which exploded causing the instant death of the large number of people who had gathered in that area, in front of the Sari club.

Bali attack. (Photo: Reuters Agency)

October 3: The South American team defeats its similar team in Europe 2-0 with goals from Theophilus Cubillas and Ildo Maneiro. (1972)

4th of October: German physicist dies Max Planck, creator and popularizer of quantum theory. He opposed the Nazis and at the end of World War II he was protected by the Americans. (1947)

October 5th: british actress Kate Winslet turns 47 years old. She rose to fame for her performance in ‘Titanic’, but she also shows off her acting skills in dramas like ‘Revolutionary Road’ and ‘The Reader’. (1975)

October 14th: Felix Baumgartner It is launched in free fall from 39 thousand meters and breaks the sound barrier. (2012)

October 20: After a plane door became detached mid-flight, a flight attendant from AlleghenyAirlines it is sucked over the skies of Connecticut and falls into the void. (1962)

October 23: Allies defeat German forces in the Battle of El Alamein, in the north of Africa. After an intense combat that lasted 12 days, the armies led by Erwin Rommel come face to face for the first time with a powerful advance of British troops. (1942)

30th of October: Born in Lanus, Buenos Aires, Diego Maradona, author in 1986 of the best goal in the history of the World Cups. He shone in clubs like Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli and is considered by many to be the best footballer of all time. The drug deteriorated his health and led to his death. He would have been 62 years old. (1960)

Kate Winslet. (Photo: AFP Agency)
Kate Winslet. (Photo: AFP Agency)

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October: In 1962 John F. Kennedy announces to the world the blockade on Cuba due to the installation of Soviet missiles