Decree 844/2021

DCTO-2021-844-APN-PTE – Awarded the Annual Award “Azucena Villaflor de De Vincenti” 2021.

City of Buenos Aires, 12/09/2021

Considering File No. EX-2021-117764939-APN-SDDHH # MJ, Decree No. 1200 of December 5, 2003, and


That by Decree No. 1200/03 the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER instituted the Annual Award called “AZUCENA VILLAFLOR de DE VINCENTI”, intended to recognize citizens and / or entities that have stood out for their civic career in defense of human rights.

That in 2020, within the framework of the recovery of the role of the NATIONAL STATE in the policies of “Memory, Truth and Justice”, the respective Awards were awarded, which had been suspended during the administration of the previous government, corresponding to the period comprised between the years 2015 and 2020, to SIX (6) citizens.

That said Awards were awarded to graphic worker Víctor BASTERRA, who died on November 7, 2020; to the President of Relatives of the Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons, Angela “Lita” PAOLIN de BOITANO; to the Mother of Plaza de Mayo Founder Line Mrs. Vera VIGEVANI de JARACH; to the Vice President of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Mrs. Rosa TARLOVSKY of ROISINBLIT; the survivor of the “El Campito” Clandestine Detention Center and mother of the disappeared Floreal “Negrito” AVELLANEDA, Mrs. Iris PEREYRA de AVELLANEDA and the mother of Miguel BRU, a student who disappeared on August 17, 1993, after being detained and tortured at Police Station 9a. from the City of LA PLATA, Province of BUENOS AIRES, Mrs. Rosa SCHONFELD de BRU.

That, with this background, in its 2021 edition the Annual Award “AZUCENA VILLAFLOR de DE VINCENTI” will be awarded to SEVEN (7) citizens who stood out for their committed career in the defense of Human Rights.

That Mrs. Enriqueta Estela BARNES de CARLOTTO, President of the “Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo” is one of the main references in the fight for Human Rights. Her daughter Laura Estela CARLOTTO was kidnapped and disappeared when she was pregnant, during the last military dictatorship in November 1977. Laura Estela CARLOTTO was seen by several witnesses in the Clandestine Detention Center “LA CACHA” in the city of LA PLATA, Province From BUENOS AIRES, a month after the kidnapping, her partner was murdered and she was kept alive until she had her baby. After the birth of her son, she was taken from the aforementioned Center along with another colleague and murdered on a route in the Province of BUENOS AIRES. Enriqueta Estela BARNES de CARLOTTO tirelessly searched for her grandson, Ignacio MONTOYA CARLOTTO, who recovered his identity on August 5, 2014, and became the one hundred fourteen (114) grandson identified by the “Asociación Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo”, who continue with the search for grandchildren and granddaughters who have not yet been recovered and recovered.

That Mrs. Lidia Estela Mercedes MIY URANGA, better known as “Taty” ALMEIDA, is a teacher and emblematic fighter for Human Rights, a reference for the organization “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Línea Fundadora”, born and raised in a family with numerous members of the Armed Forces, “Taty” joined the mothers’ struggle in search of her son Alejandro, who was kidnapped in 1975 as part of the illegal repressive actions of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA) known as ” Triple A”. After his disappearance, he found a notebook with his son’s poems that allowed him to learn about his militancy and that were published in a book and on a CD that had the collaboration of various artists. In her tireless quest to find her son, she still does not know what his destiny was.

That Mr. Hipólito SOLARI YRIGOYEN is one of the defense attorneys along with Rodolfo ORTEGA PEÑA, Eduardo DUHALDE and Mario Abel AMAYA, of those who escaped from the Prison of the City of RAWSON, Province of CHUBUT and were victims of the so-called “Trelew Massacre” in 1972. Senator for the RADICAL CIVIC UNION (UCR) suffered TWO (2) attacks by the actions of the “Triple A” and in 1976 he was arrested-disappeared by the military dictatorship, to be later expelled from the country , after which he settled in Paris, FRENCH REPUBLIC, where he remained until the restoration of democracy in 1983. Together with the former President of the Nation Raúl Ricardo ALFONSÍN, he was a founder of the “Movement for Renewal and Change” and was a member of the UNITED NATIONS COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS in the period 1999-2002.

That Mrs. Dolores SIGAMPA from DEMONTY, a member of the organization “Mothers in the Fight Against Institutional Violence”, is one of the main references in the fight against the “easy trigger”. His son, Ezequiel DEMONTY, was assassinated by federal police officers in the ALSINA Bridge, in the Province of BUENOS AIRES, who at gunpoint forced him to jump into the waters of the Riachuelo, on September 14, 2002. At the initiative of his Companions, classmates, teachers and female teachers of the school that attended, since 2015 the bridge that crosses the Riachuelo, which connects the Nueva Pompeya neighborhood of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with the Lanús Party of the Province of BUENOS AIRES, is called “Ezequiel Demonty”. Currently, the aforementioned organization collaborates with various institutions and organizations for the development of policies against Institutional Violence.

That Mr. Pablo TORELLO, film director, professor of audiovisual production chairs at the National University of La Plata, journalist and graduate in Social Communication, is an outstanding citizen for his contribution to the search for historical truth. He directed the documentary film “Historias de Aparecidos”, an investigation that led to the discovery of the remains of Azucena VILLAFLOR, one of the founders of the “Association Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” and of the French nun Léonie DUQUET, in addition to giving an account of the methodology implemented during the last civic-military dictatorship in the so-called “death flights”. As a result of the impact of the film, the “Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team” carried out the necessary exhumations to give, for the first time, the identity of FIVE (5) bodies of victims of the air transfers that occurred during the dictatorship, which motivated the expansion of the documentary and its new premiere in 2005.

That Mrs. Lucila Esther LARRANDART is a lawyer and professor at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and a former Chamber Judge of the Oral Criminal and Federal Correctional Court No. 1 of San Martín, Province of BUENOS AIRES. As a member of the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), in its beginnings, he carried out the defense of numerous political prisoners during the last civic-military dictatorship. She also served as a lawyer for the Complaints Secretariat of the former NATIONAL COMMISSION ON DISAPPEARANCE OF PERSONS (CONADEP), as a member of the Drafting Commissions of the Draft Code of Criminal Procedures for the Province of BUENOS AIRES and of the Reform to the Organic Law of the Judicial Power of the UNDER SECRETARIAT OF JUSTICE of the Ministry of Government of the Province of BUENOS AIRES and as Legal Consultant of the UNITED NATIONS FUND FOR CHILDREN – UNICEF Argentina. In addition, she was Advisor in various institutions of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH and the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH and Director of the Patronage of Liberated Persons of the Province of BUENOS AIRES.

That Mr. Adolfo PÉREZ ESQUIVEL is an inescapable reference in the defense of human rights both in our country and in the region. He is a member of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH) and founder of the Peace and Justice Service (SERPAJ), a militant of grassroots movements of the Church committed to the most deprived sectors, during 1977 and 1978 he was imprisoned in Argentina by the dictatorship During that period in prison he received the Juan XXIII Memorial Peace Prize awarded by Pax Cristi Internacional. In 1980 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight in favor of Human Rights and soon after he was appointed a member of the executive committee of the United Nations Permanent Assembly on Human Rights.

That the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER, with the granting of the emblematic distinction in Human Rights in the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, which is the “AZUCENA VILLAFLOR de DE VINCENTI” award, seeks to exalt and recognize the commitment of these personalities to the values ​​that embody the “Memory, Truth and Justice ”, within a culture of Human Rights.

That this measure is issued in use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




ARTICLE 1.- The Annual Award “AZUCENA VILLAFLOR de DE VINCENTI”, corresponding to the Year 2021, be awarded to Mrs. Enriqueta Estela BARNES de CARLOTTO (DNI No. 3,102,995); Lidia Estela Mercedes MIY URANGA (DNI No. 3,482,870); Mr. Hipólito SOLARI YRIGOYEN (DNI No. 4,109,414); Mrs. Dolores SIGAMPA de DEMONTY (DNI No. 14,585,609); Mr. Pablo TORELLO (DNI No. 18,351,069); Mrs. Lucila Esther LARRANDART (DNI No. 3,873,472) and Mr. Adolfo PEREZ ESQUIVEL (DNI No. 4,813,587).

ARTICLE 2.- Make the delivery of the corresponding diplomas and symbolic objects in a public act.

ARTICLE 3.- Communicate, publish, wish to the NATIONAL ADDRESS OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRY and file.

FERNÁNDEZ – Martín Ignacio Soria

and. 12/10/2021 N ° 95571/21 v. 12/10/2021

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