On Thursday 2, mobilization to Courts for the acquittal of Arakaki and Ruiz

On Thursday 2 mobilization to Courts for the acquittal of

Last Wednesday a national plenary session was held online with different references from human rights organizations, trade union organizations, left-wing parties and referents of the popular field, with the purpose of organizing the fight for the acquittal of César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz (militants of the Partido Obrero and the Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores Unified -PSTU-, respectively), recently sentenced to effective imprisonment of 3 years and 4 months and 3 years in each case, in retaliation for their participation in the massive mobilization to the Congress of 18 December 2017, against a reform that sought to modify the calculation of salaries to the detriment of retirees. This reform was promoted by the government of Mauricio Macri (PRO-Cambiemos) and approved with the support of congressmen from the Justicialista Party.

The main resolution of the plenary was to develop a national day of struggle on Thursday 2, with the epicenter in a mobilization from the Obelisk to the Courts, in the Federal Capital.

The plenary was attended by union leaders; with the elected national deputy Nicolás del Caño and the Buenos Aires legislators Gabriel Solano and Alejandrina Barry, all of them from the Frente de Izquierda Unidad. Also present were colleagues from the Peace and Justice Service (human rights body of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel), from the Association of Former Disappeared Detainees, from the “Cachito” Fuckman Militant Encounter (human rights group), from the Correpi (Coordinator against Police and Institutional Repression), of the CADHU – MST (Center for Human Rights Advocates – Socialist Workers Movement), of the PSTU, as well as different organizations of the unemployed that make up the Piquetera Unity Front , and a colleague from the United States who has been collaborating with the dissemination of the cause in that country.

César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz were present, who repudiated the ruling, demanded his acquittal, and freedom for Sebastián Romero (who is under house arrest, for his participation in the 2017 days of struggle) and pointed out that it was a ruling “to the extent of the IMF and its adjustment plan ”.

In the opening, Gabriel Solano characterized the ruling as an “exemplary” sentence for those who go out to fight against the adjustment policies. This explains why the conviction was celebrated by referents of the right such as Patricia Bullrich, who was minister of security during those days and today is the leader of the right-wing PRO party; but also the silence of Kirchnerism (part of the current government), which did not come out against it.

With regard to the agreement with the IMF, encouraged by both the Alberto Fernández government and the opposition, this ruling seeks to instruct those who come out to face the adjustment measures that it will bring, as well as the labor reform, that is, the attempts to flexibility and precariousness of workers.

In turn, Solano proposed to convene the mobilization to the Palace of Courts, headquarters of the head of the Judicial Power, to demand the acquittal of the comrades.

Arakaki’s lawyer, Claudia Ferrero (from the Association of Professionals in Struggle, Apel) also participated, who pointed out that it is an unprecedented ruling in several senses, since Judge Ariel Torres agreed to the entire request of the prosecutor. Furthermore, since 1983 there was no conviction for alleged “public intimidation,” a criminal figure destined for political persecution and direct action. Similarly, it is a ruling with a strong political signal, which was handed down a week before the national legislative elections on November 14.

Among the different interventions, it was demanded for the freedom of Sebastián Romero, detained with house arrest also for the days of December 14 and 18, 2017, both against the pension reform.

There was a strong statement against the extradition of Facundo Molares, an Argentine photojournalist and a member of the Popular Rebellion Movement, who is being held in the Rawson prison. The criminal government of Colombia and Interpol want his transfer, due to his past as a militant of the Farc. The Argentine government has initiated the arrest, to ingratiate itself with President Iván Duque and with imperialism.

Finally, an agenda of initiatives for the acquittal of the comrades was approved:

December 2 5:00 p.m. Day of Fight – Mobilization of the Obelisk to the Palace of Courts

December 4 Publicity day in parks and squares

December 11: participate in the mobilization to the Plaza de Mayo against the agreement with the IMF

December 18: realization of a mural in Plaza de los Dos Congresos

December 20: incorporate the demand for acquittal as a slogan for the 20-year mobilization of the Argentinazo, the popular rebellion that ended the government of Fernando De la Rúa.

Actors Union Cast Campaign

International campaign of pronouncements and actions in embassies

Holding a festival in Plaza de Mayo in 2022


César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz acquittal

Freedom to Sebastián Romero

No to the extradition of Facundo Molares

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On Thursday 2, mobilization to Courts for the acquittal of Arakaki and Ruiz