Once again Mexico is the laughing stock of the world thanks to AMLO

It is not the first time that Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) places Mexico in an embarrassing situation in front of the world, nor is it the first time that he ridicules us Mexicans. The disturbing thing is that the man does not seem to care about exhibiting his government as a bad joke, and showing himself as a buffoon who can concoct jokes and propose nonsense just to attract the spotlight, even if they only turn to see him to be the laughingstock among the real people. strategists of the planet who, by the way, already know it and choose to ignore it.

The last straw was the grotesque proposal for pacification in Ukraine that he brought to the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), through Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, who spends his time “swallowing frogs” in international forums knowing that that in his presentations only provokes ridicule.

This is how it happened this week when he finally presented the most recent barbarity of the Executive of our country before the UN Council: The plan to achieve world peace. Something like what everyone was waiting for: “from López to the world”.

Both, Andrés Manuel and Marcelo knew that it would not be good to receive that proposal; since the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky himself had sent his opinion through one of his advisers after AMLO made an announcement in this regard during the September 16 parade.

Mykhailo Podoliak criticized López Obrador’s proposed plan to end the war between Russia and Ukraine and establish a five-year global truce.

He pointed out that the peace plan was a “Russian plan” and that the Mexican president was using the war for his “own public relations”, in addition to seeking to give Russia time to renew reserves before an upcoming offensive.

“The ‘peacemakers’ who use the war as a theme for their own public relations cause only surprise.”

“@lopezobrador_, is your plan to keep millions under occupation, increase the number of mass burials and give Russia time to renew reserves before the next offensive? So their ‘plan’ is a Russian plan,” he stated.

Later, the Ukrainian embassy in Mexico took up that same message, however, contrary to giving up on his intention, Andrés Manuel affirmed that many reject his proposal “because of sectarianism or elite interests.”

But if there is an authorized voice to speak on the subject, that is Arturo Sarukhán, who broke down the proposal presented by Mexico and revealed its shortcomings regarding how it was prepared, its lack of diplomacy and the contradictions it involves, considering the position that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has adopted around the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“This presentation has obviously raised many eyebrows and many questions. And somehow the joke of the negotiation, of the proposal, tells itself.

First, because it denotes a lack of seriousness marked by naivety and diplomatic innocence; because from the outset it does not seem to have been consulted with any of the three parties that the Mexican proposal proposes, whether they are the mediators of the negotiation and of the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, namely, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the Pope, or the Indian Prime Minister ; Certainly, important countries and powers have not been consulted in the United Nations Security Council, much less the government of Ukraine,” said the former Mexican ambassador to the United States of America.

The analyst also addressed the way in which the proposal has been received by other leaders and the possibilities it has of being accepted, as well as the elements that make it a projection of their way of governing and confronting violence.

“At the end of the day, the proposal will not prosper in the Security Council, where none of the parties, none of the permanent members of the Council are giving it 5 minutes of their time. Perhaps I can receive one or another endorsement or demonstration of support, but this Mexican peace proposal will not prosper, ”he said.

Finally, he assured that the “president has become a laughing stock in Washington and also in New York by presenting this proposal and has also generated explicit disqualifications from the office of the Ukrainian president himself; implicit, Macron’s speech equating those who seek to clothe Russia or those who seek to establish that Russian aggression and collective defense around Ukraine are the same; Biden’s speech, or even the call by the German president in Mexico City asking Mexico to position itself forcefully in favor of Ukraine and against Russian aggression.”

The greatest impudence or impudence of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in this matter lies in the fact that he dares to call for world peace when he has his own country mired in violence, covered in clandestine graves and with a death rate that exceeds 90 homicides. malicious per day, and when, as the journalist Jorge Ramos rubbed it in the Mañanera conference, his government is already the most violent in the modern history of Mexico, and although he mentioned 126,206 murders, the reality is that the figure already exceeds 134,570 in just 3 years and 9 months.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Tabasco president has already ridiculed our country on many other occasions; he did so when last year he traveled to New York to be at the UN Security Summit, and delivered a speech outside of the issues to be discussed, focusing the main message on protecting the poor and combating inequality. . Then it was said that the Mexican president showed a “flat -or nonexistent- vision of the world and international relations.”

The reporter David Agren of The Lancet said about it:

“AMLO is basically taking his 2018 campaign proposals to the United Nations and acting as if they have been successfully implemented and have had results.”

On the other hand, Russia’s representative to the UN told President López Obrador that the Security Council is not good for what he went to do.

Despite the worldwide ridicule, his applauders of the Fourth Transformation spoke at that time of proposing him for the Nobel Peace Prize. And in fact, it would not be unreasonable that this could be his objective, because we must not forget that in his enormous pride, his desire is to go down in history as a great president and perhaps also as a peacemaker. But his bad government has a place for him just on the other side of the one he dreams of; in the site dedicated to the worst leaders in the history of our country.



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Once again Mexico is the laughing stock of the world thanks to AMLO