Open letter: To the great Argentine people, Salud! (without health pass). | La Vanguardia newspaper

Open letter: To the great Argentine people, Salud! (without health pass).

Text sent to the newsroom of La Vanguardia for publication about this moment of the pandenia and the governmental measures that were taken.

“Mass vaccination is unthinkable. It will cause more mutations and infections” (Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV / AIDS virus).

In some time, everything that happened around the “Plandemic” will come to light and will be studied as the largest global brainwashing operation, beyond the existence of the virus, whose origin, according to Montagnier himself, is not natural but laboratory and has HIV genetic material.

Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister and his phrase “Lie, lie, that something will remain” has been surpassed in its perversion and scope, thanks to the astute handling of fear and the media, on a defenseless population and in panic at permanent messages about a single subject: the “virus”.

No one can deny the infections and the deaths, but it is enough to draw attention to some figures: in 2019 about 45 thousand people died of the flu. Did some medium spread it? In 2020, even a fallen worker from the 7th floor became “Dead x Covid”. Behind it, economic and political reasons. Inflate the numbers, create panic, dark business. With thousands of statistical lies, the mortality rate x Covid-19, edged 2.2% worldwide, clarifying that every person who died “with Covid” was computed as dead “by Covid”, something very different and that increased real statistics, falsifying reality. The fatality of Covid is around 0.06%.

How to understand that voices such as those of Nobel Laureates such as Luc Montagnier, Omura, Campbell are silenced or that an epidemiologist of the stature of Dr Mario Borini is invited to the Fantino Program and, when he only analyzes the official figures, and demonstrates the vaccination failure, the driver nervously shuts him up?

2020 was the year of irrational confinements, where a surfer, a lady sunbathing or a lonely rower, were accused by the government and the media as dangerous criminals. The President even used the national network to threaten these “extremely dangerous citizens.”

This happened at the same time that people were killed at police checkpoints by the “virus” (Astudillo Castro and several others, already forgotten by all) or a father could not be next to his dying daughter or a father had to cross his little girl with cancer to upa because the border crossing between two provinces had become something worse than the Berlin Wall.

Meanwhile, the “prince” ate roasts in Olivos and the pseudo-opposition did not oppose the cataract of DNU’s of the National Government. Rodriguez Larreta fined 500,000 pesos to businesses that closed 15 minutes after the hours allowed by the monarchs. Infrans recreated the idea of ​​concentration camps in Formosa.

We endure curfews, and at the sound of the fire brigade, people ran to their houses, closure of rural roads x part of any mayor. Everything happened without a state of siege having been declared. People who were arrested and sentenced for going to work, while the political caste, of course, issued irrational decrees; In total, they had their salary assured, with the taxes of the town, locked up and unable to work.

And now, with the confinement strategy exhausted, the “sanitary tyranny” (of international and global origin and scope) tries to install a story where the “unvaccinated” are dangerous beings that threaten the vaccinated who, supposedly, should be protected by vaccines. Australia’s recent pathetic case with Djocovich is the best demonstration of this essay in global health tyranny.

But the evidence explodes everywhere and cannot be hidden. Israel and England, the countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world, have the highest rate of infections and mutations.

It is worth remembering that the “vaccines” used (all) are in experimental phase 3, so it is to be assumed that some receive the vaccine and others a placebo, which is technically called “double blind” (neither the inoculator nor the inoculated know if you are injecting a vaccine or a sterile solution).

We have all been turned into guinea pigs, with the permission of Officialism and Opposition, freeing the laboratories of any responsibility for the secondary effects of the “experiment”. The vaccine is not mandatory, and it should never be, but it turns out that the “pass” does … ???

Obviously they take us for morons and possibly we are giving them the reason in this and in the tremendous surrender to defend our most basic rights.

Losing freedom in the hands of fools, corrupt and insane no longer worries us.

Filomena the clown was more serious than almost all public officials in the country.

I personally know 3 people who died immediately after the vaccine and several were seriously affected, one of them paralyzed by a thrombus in the cerebellum, others that ended with bilateral pneumonia, another with Guillan-Barré Syndrome, others with the appearance of other auto-immune diseases. .

As a counterpart, a single friend, sadly dead from coronavirus and some hospitalized, most of them vaccinated.

An ex-director of the Provincial Hospital told me that in 1 year of vaccination he saw as many pericarditis, myocarditis and arrhythmias in young people, as in 43 years of profession. Said doctor, after everything he saw, decided absolutely not to take another dose, since he himself had initially relied on “vaccines”. The case of Kun Agüero and hundreds of athletes affected or suddenly killed is worrying. Everything continues as if “nothing happened here.”

I know that my “personal statistics” lacks strictly scientific value, but they are facts that I trust and that alarm and disturb me, seeing the indifference and indolence of society and much of the media.

Today, with the supposed omicron and delta strains, my humble statistics of family and friends show me that the vaccinated were more infected than the unvaccinated.

Obviously, whoever wants to offer his body for “science” is fully entitled. As long as there is “informed consent” (which there is not). Here the remanido “my body, my decision” is valid, not as the abortion lobby wielded, since what is killed in an abortion is not “my body”, but that of a third party, innocent and defenseless. Aggravated by the bond, in addition and with our taxes and diverting resources to save lives.

In this scenario, the height of medical, epidemiological and legal aberration reached its climax with the demand for a “health pass”, which violates constitutional rights, in the name of “public health”, with a disease that has caused a very low mortality, without thereby underestimating that each life is unique and unrepeatable. But the path chosen (by the World Elite), has been a failure or has other purposes that have little or nothing to do with “Public Health”.

As a member of the political space of Juan José Gomez Centurión, I must emphasize that this great Malvinas Veteran was the first in the country to go out in 2020 to speak out against mandatory vaccination (which the UN itself says violates human rights and therefore MUST NEVER BE MANDATORY) and the absurd and unconstitutional “Pass”.

In the defense of the most basic rights, Gomez Centurión has presented two Collective Appeals for Amparo, before the Province and the Nation, with the sponsorship of Dr Marcelo Zarlenga, a political leader in this space in Mar del Plata.

But we know that Justice has long been neither independent nor reliable. We hope, anyway, that some “miracle” can happen.

Be that as it may, we will resist to the last consequences this abuse of power by our so-called rulers, who clearly obey the dictates of the New World Order and the 2030 Agenda. There is no gap on these issues between the Officialism and the Opposition.

I appeal, indignant and angry, that we are simply citizens and become aware that the rulers were, are and will always be our employees. And that we should let them know.

As Thomas Jefferson, the founding father of the United States, said: “When the people are afraid of the government, there is dictatorship and when the government is afraid of the people, there is freedom.”

The social health of a people is measured, among other things, when the rulers and the ruled understand who should fear whom, since politics should be the supreme service in a Republic, something that we have long ceased to be.

For freedom and respect for Human Rights we oppose compulsory vaccination with experimental substances and the pretense of an absurd “pass”, in a country where the rulers laugh at us, eating barbecues, celebrating birthday parties or organizing wakes mass of popular idols, in the midst of all kinds of restrictions on freedom, with a sanitary excuse of origins, ends and remedies, increasingly murky.

“Society of all ages is rescued by a handful of men who have decided to be inactive” (GK Chesterton).

José Canale / NOS Space

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Open letter: To the great Argentine people, Salud! (without health pass). | La Vanguardia newspaper