Opinion | Is the cultural and musical battle in Valencia lost? By Pedro Nebot

I begin a series, with interruptions, of interviews with anonymous artists from Metropolitan Valencia to analyze the transformations that have arisen and their opinion after the turn of the century. Any prosperous society must be firmly committed to culture. Otherwise, it will end up being an ocean without fish or a river without water.

It could not be otherwise than to open with music. For this adventure I have had the personal contribution of Jordi Lorente, an independent vocalist not attached to subsidized art. Born in the Mediterranean area of ​​Cap i Casal, the son of fishermen, a local rocker, a born conqueror, music sounds like a philharmonic in his home and studio.

Jordi needs no introduction, even if it is necessary, he only intends to tour small concert halls with his instruments, offering signature music for a small audience that seeks to rediscover the lyrics, contact and sound of the past.

East bad shadow, this is how the poster of his band is danced, neatly analyzes the local situation of musical culture in the Cap i Casal. He does not lack the cigarette, the hat and the beer can to talk.

Is the musical battle lost?

I think not, as long as there are venues in the city of Valencia that offer good bands, independent music will persist and the faithful will remain faithful.

whatWe find ourselves in a time when the protest song has disappeared from almost all genres?

It is difficult for there to be a revolution like the one produced in the sixties with a Bob Dylan which sent a clear message. Rap is the only one that resists, persists, and the lyrics rebel against the dominance and absolute control of the culture of entertainment or distraction..

We both belong to the generation of the nineties, that of Pulp Fiction, and I cannot stop hijacking your opinion about the musical influence of the Route in Valencian society.

I carry the route in my heart, they were years of debauchery and a lot of ibuprofen, because of my age I caught the nineties. There was a lot of sheep, but everything was much more humble than now, unpretentious, the route had its people, its music, its drugs, and its temples scattered throughout the nightclubs of L’Horta Sud.

What do you think that the local government is not firmly committed to street music?

an aberration. I lived in Edinburgh for a few years, and there they did work together with businesses to provide and entertain society with urban sound. There is a lot of wasted talent.
222 forCrop

In this legislature, Eurovision is the star dish of a City Council that has in its ranks a Palau de la Música closed since 2019.

Ugh, I’m not in your audience. He is just as devalued as the Nobel Peace Prize. No comment.

We cannot forget the festivals. Are they the starting point for the development of the new entertainment culture?

In Valencia and in the national group we enjoy very good festivals. The FIB is a clear example, Indie has taken over everything on stage with very powerful choirs and very catchy songs. People jump, sing and have fun. It’s not my roll.

I would like to expand much more. I do not can. The duration of the cassette is about to end. To conclude I have a moral obligation to know your opinion on reggaeton, without answering I think I already know.

Decadent. A vinyl would not accept such letters. The record player would scratch.

I say goodbye to Lorente with a handshake, wishing him luck for his next concert on December 2 in the hall Massanasa Rock Museum

This Bad Shadow sounds good!

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Opinion | Is the cultural and musical battle in Valencia lost? By Pedro Nebot