Palma City Council names Antoni Maria Alcover as an illustrious son and awards the City’s Gold Medals

This Saturday, the Plenary Hall of the Palma City Council hosted the delivery of the 2022 City Gold Medalsin an act that also named Antoni Maria Alcover illustrious son of the city. These acknowledgments are part of the acts of the Festival of the Standardin commemoration of the entrance of Jaume I in Ciutat on December 31, 1229.

Naüm, Ses Oblates, the writer José Carlos Llop and Juan Antonio Horrach, posthumously. They have been awarded the city’s Gold Medals. All the awards are the result of the consensus of all the political forces represented in the Palma City Council.

Antoni Maria Alcover i Sureda (Manacor, 1862- Palma, 1932) was a religious, modernist writer, professor, linguist, folklorist and publicist from a peasant family, who entered the Palma seminary in 1877. From the beginning he was interested in literature and the Catalan language. He became famous for his work in collecting popular songs and wrote, under the pseudonym Jordi des Racó, some dialectal narrations collected in the tell them. Highlights your Aplec of Mallorcan rondaies, the most read book in Mallorca. In the year 1900 he undertook the work of the Dictionary, which gave rise to the Catalan-Valencià-Balearic dictionarypublished since 1926 with the collaboration of Francesc de Borja Moll.

As for the winners of the Gold Medals, Naüm is a non-profit socio-educational project located in the Son Roca neighbourhood. Promotes the social inclusion and comprehensive growth of children, adolescents, young people and their families, which has the objective of achieving the full inclusion of these groups in the labor, educational, cultural, health and psychosocial fields of the territory, addressing vulnerability and social exclusion they suffer.

Regarding ses Oblates, Germanes Oblates del Santíssim Redemptor, is a congregation founded by José María Benito Serra and Antònia Maria de Oviedo in 1870, settling in Mallorca in 1924. Its task is focused on women who practice prostitution and experience situations of exclusion . In 1988 they founded the Casal Petit de Palma, which they still manage today.

The writer José Carlos Llop (Palma, 1956) also received the Gold Medal. He has cultivated various genres, from poetry to the novel. His work stands out for having a large autobiographical component. He is a contributor to various national newspapers and has translated into Spanish the Nobel laureates Derek Walcott, Llorenç Villalonga, Josep Melià, Patrick Modiano and Biel Mesquida. In 2008 he received the Prix Écureuil de Littérature Étrangére.

Lastly, he received the Ciutat Juan Antonio Horrach Moyá Gold Medal (Palma, 1970- Toulusse, 2022) posthumously. Businessman and renowned art gallery owner, he was the founder of the Horrach Moyà Gallery, one of the most important in the city. He managed to bring together numerous island creators and promoted the Nit de l’Art, participating every year. He carried out extensive philanthropic work and collaborated in numerous cultural initiatives throughout his career.

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Palma City Council names Antoni Maria Alcover as an illustrious son and awards the City’s Gold Medals