Patricia Armendáriz defended AMLO after contagion of COVID-19: “The president is very tired”

Patricia Armendáriz has shown, on different occasions, her love for AMLO and the 4T (Photo: Special)

The new contagion of COVID-19 confirmed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on January 10 brought surprise on the part of a sector of the population, but also provoked the fury of some people, mostly opposition, who dedicated themselves to criticizing him for his irresponsibility.

Likewise, the topic began to generate a lot of unofficial information, such as that shared by the communicator Pedro Ferriz de Con. From his Twitter account, he pointed out that a group of doctors monitors the National Palace 24 hours a day to monitor the state of health of the president, which might not be the best.

“They tell me that there are doctors 24 hours a day guarding the National Palace, monitoring the state of the president’s health. You have bronchial congestion and deep tiredness”, wrote the television host.

Given this information, the deputy of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and faithful defender of the Fourth Transformation (4T), Patricia Armendáriz, came out in defense of López Obrador.

Also from this social network, the businesswoman shared Ferriz de Con’s tweet to mention that the federal executive is “very tired” due to the extra hours he works for the benefit of the country.

According to Ferriz de Con, the president's health is not the best (Photo: Twitter)
According to Ferriz de Con, the president’s health is not the best (Photo: Twitter)

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the President is very tired. He works overtime and they are all major issues for Mexico. I wish he would rest a little longer for our sake. Take care president @lopezobrador_”, wrote the judge of the Shark Tank program.

Netizens received these messages in different ways. On the one hand, they supported the statements of the Morenista legislator and they pointed out the “zero credibility” of the journalist who quoted. On the other, they questioned their support for the president and questioned the ineffectiveness of the federal government in different matters.

“I am also very tired, but of his inefficiency to govern in the best way for Mexico. And if he is tired, let him leave the mornings, it is the least urgent and important thing, we even save some money“; “Well yes, he gets up super early for safety meetings, then his mornings,… He is an overachiever and workaholic but with minimum concrete results for the position you have”, were some comments from users.

This was not the only criticism that Ferriz de Con launched against the federal government. With a meme he criticized the departure of CitiGroup from Mexico. The image shows the Titanic, with the name “Mexico” sinking, while a boat, labeled CitiBanamex, escapes the tragedy.

A graphic description of the moment”, the journalist wrote in his tweet.

The communicator criticized the departure of CitiBanamex from Mexican banking (Photo: Twitter)
The communicator criticized the departure of CitiBanamex from Mexican banking (Photo: Twitter)

The businesswoman entered politics in 1991, when she became a negotiator for the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit for him North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in financial services.

But his story with Morena is more recent, because took protest as plurinominal deputy on August 1, 2021. From that moment, and long ago, he showed an affinity for the president and his 4T movement.

His biggest and most controversial messages of support came months later. One of the most resounding occurred at the beginning of November of last year, when proposed López Obrador to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, after delivering a speech before the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) at its headquarters in New York, United States.

These messages of support were accompanied by multiple videos that recorded the president’s arrival at the UN, in which it was possible to observe hundreds of Mexicans welcoming him as a hero, to applause, shouts and cheers.


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Patricia Armendáriz defended AMLO after contagion of COVID-19: “The president is very tired”