Patricia Bullrich was in Silicon Valley companies and today she will arrive in New York

Patricia Bullrich, in a virtual reality demonstration at Facebook headquarters in San Francisco

“We are thinking of an Argentina with innovation and technology that allows us all to progress. That is why we are here in the city of San Francisco, in Silicon Valley. We want to take this to Argentina. Our country has 5 of the 10 unicorns that exist in Latin America. We can do it, we can convert each one of the ideas of the Argentines into companies that generate many possibilities, of work, of development, of intelligence, for all Argentine production”.

So said the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrichon the first leg of his tour of the United States, with an eye on reinforce his presidential project, which started yesterday in San Francisco and will continue in New York, Washington and Chicagowhere he will have contacts with members of the State Department, legislators, businessmen and two Nobel Prize winners in Economics.

In San Francisco, accompanied by the leaders Alberto Fohrig Y John Paul Arenaza Bullrich visited companies in Silicon Valley, where the largest technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Cisco, among others and entrepreneurs in the field, settled. On Facebook, the former Security Minister met with one of her directors and had a demonstration on virtual reality.

Patricia Bullrich and Föhrig, in a Silicon Valley company
Patricia Bullrich and Föhrig, in a Silicon Valley company

Then, the head of the PRO was in the NGO Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to support the development and growth of the Stellar open source network. SDF and Stellar, according to bullrichism, seek to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.

“It’s amazing what they do here. These new digital money systems are the ones that are going to revolutionize Argentina because they allow people to make transactions freely, ending all the ridiculous regulations that we have. In addition, it is one more tool that can collaborate in the fight against inflationthus allowing a great opportunity for our country”, explained Bullrich after the meeting.

The leader of Together for Change arriving in new york city todaywhere you will have an intense agenda. She will first be interviewed by the CNN network, then she will meet with representatives of the Economics Department of Columbia University, she will meet with North American investors and finally she will have dinner with Tom Sargentwho won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011, along with Christopher A. Sims, for their “empirical research on causes and effects in macroeconomics.” For Bullrich’s advisers, it’s about “a specialist in inflation and in the new retirement model for the world of work that is coming”.

Patricia Bullrich visited Facebook headquarters in San Francisco
Patricia Bullrich visited Facebook headquarters in San Francisco

On Wednesday, in Washington, Bullrich You will have first level contacts in different meetings with members of the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury and experts in Latin America in it Wilson Center, an influential US think tank. The next day, you will have breakfast at the North American Chamber of Commerce with executives from companies of that origin that are based in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. And then you will visit the Council of the Americas and will meet with Andrew Sanders, of the US National Security Council, advising the president Joe Biden on national security and foreign policy, where they will talk about the war in Ukraine.

The Saturday in Chicago, Bullrich will participate in the annual conference of Masters Argentina, an organization that brings together postgraduate students from our country in the world, which will be held at the Kellogg School of Northwestern University. Under the title “Improbable consensus for the coming Argentina”, the leader will share a table with the UCR senator Alfredo Cornejo and the deputy of Avanza Libertad Jose Luis Espert.

Bullrich will end his North American tour with a talk to be held with James Heckman, another Nobel Laureate in Economics, award he received in 2000 and that allowed him to consecrate himself as a specialist in human capital investment and poverty alleviation.


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Patricia Bullrich was in Silicon Valley companies and today she will arrive in New York