Patricia Bullrich will travel to the United States for a tour that reinforces her presidential project

Patricia Bullrich and the US ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley

Patricia Bullrich will begin a tour of four cities in the United States next Monday with an agenda worthy of a presidential candidate: He will make contact with State Department officials, North American legislators, businessmen and two Nobel Laureates in Economics. According to his relatives, the trip will not accelerate his project for 2023, but it will confirm that it is irrevocable. The same sign gave it that Thursday, when gathered in Olivos some 30 leaders who make up his government team.

Seven months after the official trip to the United States of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, which aimed at the same goals of shoring up his presidential plan, The president of the PRO wants to dispute the same terrain with her great internal rival and designed a first-level tour that will show her interest in the economy, new technologies, international security, relations with foreign companies and improving links with American power factors.

The kick start part of the tour was a meeting that Bullrich had with the US ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley, two days ago, where they spoke about the agenda you plan to develop. Delighted to learn more about @PatoBullrich’s upcoming trip to several major US cities and his perspective on the future growth of the Argentina-US relationship”, The diplomat published that same day on his Twitter account, with a photo of both.

Bullrich will travel this Saturday accompanied by two of his closest collaborators: the Buenos Aires legislator of Together for Change John Paul Arenaza who knows the terrain because he participated as an observer in several US elections, and Albert Fohrigformer official of the Ministry of Security and director of the Center for Strategic Policies and Global Affairs of the University of San Andrés.

Patricia Bullrich met her government team in Olivos
Patricia Bullrich met her government team in Olivos

The first stop will be Monday the 4th in San Francisco, where, for a day and a half, the head of the PRO will have contact in Silicon Valley with technological powerhouses like Google, Facebook, Cisco and the world’s largest biotech fund, IndieBio, which put its focus on Argentine projects.

The tuesday 5 will fly to New York: there, in addition to an interview with CNN, Bullrich will meet with a group of Argentine economic experts who work at the Columbia University. He will then be with representatives of investment banks at the JP Morgan headquarters and will close the day with a dinner with Thomas Sargent, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011, along with Christopher A. Sims, for their “empirical research on causes and effects in macroeconomics.” For Bullrich’s advisers, it will be a key meeting because it is “a specialist in inflation and in the new retirement model that is being thought of for the world of work that is coming”.

the stretch medullary of the tour will start on Wednesday 6 on Washington. First, he will participate in a debate with specialists in Argentina that will take place in the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), one of the main “think tanks” in the US, and then will preside over a lunch at the Citibank with representatives of Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, Latin American committees and directors of companies such as Citibank, Pepsi, Amazon and Cargill.

The following activity will focus on another meeting with experts in Latin America at Wilson Center, another influential think tank, and the day will end with dinner with “influential personalities” as they anticipate in bullrichism, where define the last details of the tour.

US Ambassador Marc Stanley posted a tweet about his meeting with Patricia Bullrich
US Ambassador Marc Stanley posted a tweet about his meeting with Patricia Bullrich

The next morning, Bullrich and his collaborators will have breakfast at the American Chamber of Commerce, with the presence of companies of that origin that are based in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. And then the former minister of the government of Cambiemos will visit Andrew Sanders, the US National Security Council, advising the president Joe Biden in terms of national security and foreign policy, where one of the main issues to be addressed will be the war in Ukraine.

There will also be a meeting at the Council of the Americas (without Susan Segal, its president, because that day she will be in Canada) and a meal with North American legislators, organized by an Argentine living in Washington who owns a restaurant and is recognized as an adherent to the political project of the head of the PRO.

A dialogue with students in the georgetown university and then, the highlight of the tour: visit to the State Department, where will you meet Mark Wells and Bruce FriedmanDirector for Affairs of Brazil and the Southern Cone. The schedule includes a meeting in the Capitol with American congressmen like the Republican Mario Díaz-Balart, among others.

The last stopover will be the Saturday on Chicago, where Bullrich will participate in the annual conference of Masters Argentina, an organization that brings together postgraduate students from our country in the world, which will be held at the Kellogg School of Northwestern University. Under the title “Improbable consensus for the coming Argentina”, the leader will share a table with the UCR senator Alfredo Cornejo and the deputy of Avanza Libertad Jose Luis Espert.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, two competitors for the Presidency who seek to give signals from the US
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, two competitors for the Presidency who seek to give signals from the US

The president of the PRO will end his North American tour with a talk to be held with James Heckman, another Nobel Laureate in Economics, award he received in 2000 and that allowed him to consecrate himself as a specialist in human capital investment and poverty alleviation.

In an interview conducted that year when he visited Argentina, the newspaper Clarín highlighted that the economist believed that “schools or universities are not necessarily the best trainers of human capital, how they perform more efficiently families and companies themselves with respect to their workers, and considers more useful, in a situation of scarcity of resources, invest in the training of the youngest instead of retraining the elderly, and is the enemy of a massive active public sector labor policy, Given the it does not yield, it has little productivity and a tax reduction policy for families and companies provides better results”.

When he returns to Argentina, Bullrich will have fulfilled his target stop a tour fit for a presidential candidate, which, in fact, was initially scheduled for next year. But the decision is to leave no doubt that his bid to compete for the presidency of the Nation is not negotiable or subject to resignation. It is the same as it will suggest in the United States.


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Patricia Bullrich will travel to the United States for a tour that reinforces her presidential project