Pérez Esquivel and Zaffaroni are accused of supporting the pedophile leader of the Yoga School sect

While photographs of orgies between children and adults continue to surface as a result of police raids and the leader of the Yoga School sect, John Percowiczcontinues to be detained by the Federal Police, the documents and testimonies that accompany the evidence continue to arouse the astonishment of the entire country.

In the last few hours, the main complainant of the case and the first child captured by the sect, Paul Salumunfolded new documents that demonstrate the support that numerous organizations and human rights references would have given to the dark sect and its illicit activities.

According to the story, which was accompanied by the documentation that supports his statements, a group of parents of children who were kidnapped by the sect intercepted Percowicz in the neighborhood of Belgrano, with the aim of demanding that their children be returned to them.

The leader, who claimed to be an angel on earth sent to make a thousand more angels and save the world, only managed to take refuge in a bar and laugh, which caused the anger of the parents and, after a call to the police, they were everyone to the police station.

“Then,” he recounts. Shallum“the Nobel Peace Prize, Perez Esquiveldesperately calls the commissioner and appears at the police station demanding that they release Percowicz, the same one who ordered them to abuse us.” The testimony of Shallum is accompanied by a document that the Perez Esquivel sent to the then Minister of the Interior, Rudolph Gabrielli.

In the document, the Nobel Peace Prize winner comes out in defense of the dark pedophile, assuring that he himself has “repeatedly denounced the very serious abuses of the members of the Yoga School for nine years” and, in addition, presents a detailed account of all the inconveniences that he took to weigh his influence on Justice and that the now prosecuted Percowicz be released.

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Hours later, other human rights organizations joined the defense of the leader of the pedophile sect, assuring that he is a victim of “failed attempts to fabricate a criminal case to his liking.” Among the signatures released by the Paul Salumare those of the father Louis Farinellowho rose to national prominence after traveling to Iran with Louis D’Elia in 2007; Nora Cortinas, of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo; the singer piero; journalist Osvaldo Bayer; and the then lawyer, Eugenio Zaffaroni.

Own Shallum dared to film, through a hidden camera, the Nobel Prize Adolfo Perez Esquivel. In the video, filmed on May 2, 2012, he tells the Argentine painter and sculptor about the psychological coercion techniques to which the victims of the Yoga School are subjected.

“They do it so that the victims cut ties with their relatives,” he assures her as he hands her a photo. “There you see a minor, along with his mother who is naked. There are many pictures of orgies. There’s my mother, whom I haven’t seen for more than ten years, ”she tells him.

Perez Esquivelmeanwhile, look at the photographs and court documents that Shallum he is giving him. “We are fighting together with professionals from Argentina and Spain to pass a law, so that psychological coercion techniques, which are used on victims of human trafficking, are taken as a crime,” he tells her.

Distracted, pretending not to know the subject despite having intervened on more than one occasion, Perez Esquivel He asks “what happened to this case”. “They closed it because there were politicians involved, but we presented dozens of testimonies from boys who were abused, and you presented a letter, without verifying any of this, defending the sect,” he assures him. Shallum. Insulted, Perez Esquivel He drops the photographs and asks: “And what do you think? You come to see me, you show me this, and what do you expect?

Ten years have passed since that video, in which Shallum, like the rest of the victims of the Yoga School sect, tirelessly walked the court corridors and shouted at anyone who wants to hear the torments they and their families suffered. To this day, no one listened to them. Not even human rights organizations. Not even the Nobel Peace Prize winners. (www.REALPOLITIK.com.ar)


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Pérez Esquivel and Zaffaroni are accused of supporting the pedophile leader of the Yoga School sect