Piedad Bonnett, Colombian pride of poetry and literature in the world

Ever Mercy Bonnettthe Colombian writer and poet said that writing with the guts is something very feminineperhaps because of that creative capacity that allows women to be mothers, and that makes the difference with men, who can also create, but not with the condition of women.

Mercy Bonnet He was born in the land of jaguars, which is why he has preserved a character that has allowed him to stand out in the world of letters. and start in it, at a time when, to jump into the water of literature and poetry, it was not enough to be a good swimmer, and much less a swimmer in times when writing it seemed like a thing for men with intellectual airs.

As a good daughter of Amalfi in Antioquia, this daughter of educators, He did not believe in ancient tales, and points to perseverance and a unique stylehas become over the years in a Colombian woman of letters recognized throughout the world.

Piedad Bonnet is a prolific writer and poet, and His works have been published in different languagesSuch is her prestige that she has been considered a candidate to be part of the group of writers and writers eligible for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The writer from Antioquia, but in Bogotá since she was a teenager, began writing poetry at the age of 10, and since then, the power of words became one of the reasons for his life; because the condition of educator was an indelible mark from her birth.

Bonnett Vélez has been a professor of literature since she became a professional, and between the classrooms and students she spent 30 years of her lifethat like that of all mortals, including those who can touch the muses, they also have gray days and other sunny ones.

The world of poetry fell short for the literary quality of Piedad Bonnett and that is why she ventured into the novel with understandable success, because his talent marked a full path in the letterswhich would not allow the Colombian to be one more of the bunch.

Piedad Bonnett has already recorded a name in the history of contemporary Colombian poetry and its 9 publications have enjoyed good reviews, and have also been very well received by the public; ‘Of circle and ashes’, ‘Nobody at home’, ‘The thread of the days’, ‘That sad animal’, ‘All animals are warriors’, ‘The tricks of the weak’, ‘Inheritances’, ‘Unsolicited explanations ‘ and ‘Los inhabitados’, make up his prestigious poetic work, some pieces followed with special worship.

The narrative work of Piedad Bonnett It is a compendium of questions, breaks, guilt, violence, successes, silences and pains.; It’s like she said: ‘write with your guts’.

‘After all’, ‘For others it is heaven’, ‘It was always winter’, ‘The prestige of beauty’, ‘What has no name’, ‘Where no one waits for me’ and ‘What to do with these pieces’ , are the 7 novels in which the Colombian writer is mature, down-to-earth, but visceral and dreamy; His literature has refreshed the Colombian literary scene, which for many years seemed doomed to smell like an attic and a room in San Alejo..

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Piedad Bonnett, Colombian pride of poetry and literature in the world