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A sunny morning dawns in central California and researcher Carlos Romero Nieto is preparing to start a new day at the best Chemistry School in the world according to ranking of Shanghai, that of the University of Berkeley.

Carlos Romero-Berkeley
Carlos Romero, in Berkeley.

Carlos Romero Nieto is one of the 116 UCLM researchers who are doing stays abroad

The young man from Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real) and professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Albacete has been a visiting professor for just over a week at an institution that can boast of having more than 45,000 students, 107 Nobel Prize winners among professors and students, whose scientists have discovered six chemical elements to date, and which had figures such as Oppenheimer in its cloister.

Carlos Romero Nieto is one of the one hundred and sixteen researchers from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) who are carrying out stays abroad within the framework of the academic institution’s Own Research Plan, an initiative conceived with the purpose of improving the positioning of the UCLM in the international context through the establishment of networks with other universities and research centers.

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The Vice-Rectorate for Teaching Staff and Professional Development, directed by Ana Briones Pérez, allocates a total of half a million euros to the call, distributed between the current year of 2022 and the next two. The grants, under a competitive system, are aimed at teaching and research staff, research staff and those who are still in training; and they range between one thousand eight hundred euros for stays of one month in a European country, to nine thousand euros for stays of six months in non-EU countries.

From Portugal to Australia

As for destinations, they include a list of more than twenty states, many of them in Europe (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden or Portugal, for example), America and even a testimonial presence in Australia.

Professor in the faculty of the 107 Nobel Prize winners

Carlos Romero Nieto is one of the ten people from the UCLM who will spend a stay in the United States this year.

Talent ‘made in’ Castilla-La Mancha

Despite his youth, the professor and researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Albacete has an impressive resume that includes the honorary title of “fellow” by the Swedish Association for Advanced Materials, the Hengstberger award from the German University of Heidelberg in 2016, the National Prize for Young Researchers of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry in 2018 and the Prize for Young Chemists of the Territorial Section of Castilla-La Mancha of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry. Among his latest findings is the development – in collaboration with the Neurosurgery Department of the German Heidelberg Hospital – of a new generation of chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of brain cancer.

Carlos Romero-Berkeley

molecular cages

During his stay at Berkeley, he will try to advance the construction of well-ordered macromolecular structures from so-called sub-nanometric molecular cages in collaboration with Professor Don Tilly’s group. In the meantime, he is very satisfied with the experience of these first few days. “They have welcomed me very well and everyone is very nice,” he explains. “Being here gives me the opportunity to see what the machinery of the best Faculty of Chemistry in the world is like and to gain experience in terms of the teaching methods used both for theoretical classes and in research groups”.

After thanking the effort of the UCLM to carry out this type of calls, Carlos acknowledges that “this funding will allow me to learn other methodologies to maintain the scientific motivation of the students and promote scientific debate on issues of the highest level. All of this is possible thanks to the fact that Berkeley colleagues have opened the doors of their offices and laboratories to me, openly sharing their lines of research from day one. . The interest of my time at the University of Berkeley is in being able to contribute to the excellence of UCLM from a broader perspective”, he concludes.

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Professor in the faculty of the 107 Nobel Prize winners – Diario Sanitario