Professor Teresa Vicente, candidate for the 2022 Loustau Award for university values

The Faculty of Communication and Documentation has approved the candidacy of Professor Teresa Vicente for the José Loustau 2022 University Values ​​Award, convened by the Social Council of the UMU in memory of who was one of the most important rectors of the university.

The document approved by the faculty board of this center considers that the set of actions developed in defense of the ecosystem of the Mar Menor and its basin by Professor Teresa Vicente, director of the Chair of Human Rights and Rights of Nature of the UMU, fit perfectly in the spirit for which this award is called, placing the university at the forefront of solving the problems of society, more specifically of the planet where people and all living beings live.

It has been an exceptional fact that an idea that emerged within the university community has been accepted by various international organizations (United Nations and the European Union, among others), culminating in its development with the approval of Law 19/2022, of 30 September, for the recognition of legal personality to the Mar Menor lagoon and its basin; a unique experience of social transfer that has been presented this week at COP27, the United Nations Conference on climate change that is taking place in Sharm El-Seikh (Egypt) by the professor herself and Professor Eduardo Salazar .

Professor Vicente Giménez has taught Philosophy of Law at the University of Murcia for the last 30 years, and has focused her research and social transfer work on formulating and developing the concept of the Rights of Nature, as a tool for coping with the risks stemming from climate change that threatens human civilization as we know it.

This is a need derived from the high impact of human action on the ecosystems of our planet, and which has given rise to the use of the term Anthropocene -implanted by the Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen in 2000- to describe the current one as a new geological epoch. . The lines of research and social transfer initiated by the professor are of crucial importance, as they are fully aligned with the objectives of the United Nations for the whole of Humanity specified in the 2030 Agenda. In this field, professor Vicente Giménez has exerted a strong leadership, which has been recognized in the annual reports of the United Nations and in the world climate summits, and has also had a practical transfer of great value in the Region of Murcia by obtaining the legal defense of the Mar Menor through a bill of rights for Nature, one of the few popular legislative initiatives that have come to fruition since Spain was a democratic state.

Any person, association or institution that wishes to support this candidacy can do so by sending, until November 30, an email to the dean’s office ( or a handwritten letter to the dean at the address the faculty. You can also share your support on social media using the hashtag #TeresaLoustau2022

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Professor Teresa Vicente, candidate for the 2022 Loustau Award for university values