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Totalitarianism has the following elements: a single political ideology, whose strategy is propaganda for mass indoctrination, using its own language; a single political party, with unconditional supporters, structured to control the powers of a state, all human activities and, above all, the media and freedom of expression; and, most importantly, hold the leader and his disciples unaccountable.

History revealed the existence of totalitarian systems worldwide, such as that of the former Soviet Union, which came to establish the communist prototype of the “Soviet man or Homo sovieticus”Named sarcastically by Aleksandr Zinoviev (1922–2006), a Russian sociologist. This system established concentration camps in Siberia for political opponents together with common criminals to carry out forced labor; came to light on the construction site Gulag Archipelago, published in 1973 by the persecuted Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008), Nobel Prize Winner for Literature in 1970, after the KGB seized a copy from his secretary, who was tortured and later, they say, “hanged.” During the process of writing this book, the writer lived an odyssey, because he was persecuted by all the totalitarian power.

Currently, Russia, according to analysts, aims to regain the status of a global player through the strategies of diversifying foreign relations, counteracting the power of the United States and creating a multipolar order. Some wish the return of the Soviet man.

In our region, Russia is politically related to Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and very little commercially due to their low production and poverty, a result of their bad governments. Perhaps the big difference is that its leaders rule for their stalwarts and are bad apprentices of the distorted profile of the Soviet man, coupled with corruption and impunity. Our country also had a Government that tried to establish a totalitarian system, but advantageously the process was interrupted by the action of a repentant of the same political group that led him to the Presidency, but even this group and its leader intend to retake political power by any medium.

That Government, in which its leader claimed to be the highest head of the entire State, attacked freedom of expression; the most iconic case was the disproportionate sanction on the newspaper EL UNIVERSO. After many years, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled in his favor and against the State. “(…) it concluded that the article ‘No to lies’, published by Palacio on the events that occurred on September 30, 2010, constituted an ‘opinion article’ that referred to a matter of public interest, (…)” ; in addition, it ordered the reimbursement of $ 400,000 to those affected. (THE UNIVERSE, December 21, 2021).

Will there be a just action of repetition against those responsible for the injustice? I assume it will be the judges, even though the plaintiff was former President Correa.

Beware of false leaders who are not responsible for anything! (OR)

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Raúl Hidalgo Zambrano: Will there be replay action? | Columnists | Opinion