Read the Ephemeris of July 23: World Whales and Dolphins Day

July 23 is the 204th (two hundred and fourth) day of the year in the calendar and the 205th in leap years. There are 161 days left to end the year. It’s Saturday in 2022.

The ephemerides refer to significant events for an area of ​​knowledge, culture or the arts, which occurred on the same date, although in previous years. Celebrations, commemorations and special campaign days are included.

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Some ephemeris corresponding to a day like today, July 23:

  1. World Whales and Dolphins Day. Proclaimed in 1986 by the majority of members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Against Whaling. Its purpose is to stop the indiscriminate and cruel hunting of these evolved and beautiful animals in danger of extinction. Many countries still persist in hunting these aquatic mammals and ignore international conventions. There are many videos, for example, from Japan, where dolphin massacres are shown. The so-called “Viking slaughters” are also known. The number of whales has been declining rapidly in the last two centuries, affecting even those in the whaling business (they are running out of fish). In 1972 at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, a first ten-year moratorium on whaling was approved, to give time for their population to increase and thus prevent their extinction. But this did not manage to stop the decline of the cetacean and in 1986 the International Whaling Commission prohibited commercial hunting, although there are countries that hide behind scientific or even medical reasons to catch them and there are also old traditions of killing cetaceans that have not been able to abolish, just as the bullfighting tradition has not been abolished in Spain and in many Latin American countries, for example. Japan still refuses to stop hunting both whales and dolphins, and the traditional annual dolphin kills by Taji fishermen continue to be allowed. Let us unite our voices of protest so that the effort to extinguish animal species, irrational and ultimately suicidal behavior of the human species, an expert even in global massacres of their own fellow human beings through their warmongering governments and armies, ceases.
  2. World Sjögren’s Syndrome Day. It is a pathology that affects thousands of people in the world, characterized by the dryness of the mucous membranes and the glands that produce moisture in the eyes and mouth. It is due to a chronic disorder of the immune system, with rheumatic and inflammatory effects, which affects the exocrine glands, generating inflammation of the mucous membranes and salivary glands, producing fewer tears, saliva, throat mucous and vaginal secretions. Also, it can cause joint pain and skin rashes. It has, of course, various functional repercussions, such as swallowing. Those who suffer from it must compensate for the dryness with the ingestion of water, moisturizers, eye drops for dry eyes, etc.
  3. Geographer’s Day in Mexico, Engineer’s Day in Paraguay and Friendship Day in Bolivia.
  4. In Venezuela the Battle of Morro de Valencia took place (1811).
  5. The International Federation of Gymnastics is founded (1881).
  6. The first Labor Law is enacted in Venezuela (1928).
  7. William Ramsay dies (1916), British chemist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1904. After he and John William Strutt discovered radon, Ramsay investigated other atmospheric gases. He discovered the gases argon, helium, neon, krypton, and xenon, which led to the creation of the noble gas section of the periodic table.
  8. Venezuelan baseball players José “Carrao” Bracho (1928) and Teolindo Acosta (1937) are born.
  9. Athlete Arnoldo Devonish wins the first Olympic medal for Venezuelawas in the triple jump competition at the Helsinki Olympics (1952).
  10. In Nicaragua the Sandinista National Liberation Front is founded (1961).
  11. The first television transmission from Europe to America via satellite is made (1962).
  12. Henry Hallett Dale dies (1968), British physiologist, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1936for his studies on the transmission of nerve impulses.
  13. In Venezuela, the El Ciempiés Distributor is inaugurated in Caracas (1972).
  14. King Juan Carlos I of Spain signs in Venezuela the Declaration of Caracas on the occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of Simón Bolívar (1983).
  15. In 1886, the writer Salvador de Madariaga is born in the Galician city of A Coruña, Spain (m.1978). He had several professions and occupations but he stood out especially as a writer, historian, biographer, essayist, novelist or poet, as well as a literary critic, journalist and university professor. He held diplomatic, legislative, and ministerial posts in Spain’s Republican era. He opposed the Franco dictatorship, for which he spent years in exile, but also the Soviet system. He wrote very many works of all kinds. He belonged to the Royal Spanish Academy.
  16. In 1888, the revolutionary anthem “La Internacional” was played for the first time., with music by Pierre Degeyter and lyrics based on previous poems by Eugéne Pottier. It was sung by the choir “La lyre des travailleurs”, in a café in Lille (France). It became the anthem of the international organizations in favor of the struggle for the communist revolution, the seizure of political power by the working class and the construction of a society without capitalist exploitation.
  17. In 1948, the Peruvian Daniel Carpio Maciotti, first swimmer to cross the Strait of Gibraltarafter it was achieved in 1928 by the pioneer, the British Mercedes Gleitze.
  18. In 1952, Argentine rowers Eduardo Guerrero and Tranquilo Capozzo win the gold medal at the Helsinki Olympics (Finland) of 1952 in the specialty double pair of oars without coxswain.
  19. Coup attempt against Wolfgang Larrazábal, President of the Governing Board of Venezuela (1958).
  20. American astronomers Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp discover, almost simultaneously, the Hale-Bopp comet (1995).
  21. Chinese President Jiang Zemin orders the People’s Liberation Army to give up its huge business empire, as a measure to curb corruption (1998).
  22. The Climate Summit, held in Bonn (Germany), manages to reach a global agreement to advance in the reduction of greenhouse gases that cause global warming of the Earth. 178 countries vote in favor of the pact, which was only rejected by the United States (2001).
  23. Science magazine publishes the creation of a new vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria, which causes pneumonia and meningitis (2004).
  24. German scientist Ernst Otto Fischer, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 1973, diesfor his pioneering work in the area of ​​organometallic chemistry (2007).
  25. Google opens to the public the beta version in English of Knol, a space that houses articles by authors or units of knowledge (2008).
  26. In 2011, the Vinotinto achieves 4th place in the Copa América (so far his best performance in that centennial cup).
  27. NASA confirms discovery of the first planet with dimensions similar to those of Earth, within the habitable zone of a star similar to the Sunwas named Kepler-452b (2015).
  28. In 2017, the then Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz, reiterated that, in accordance with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) should be convened by the people, as the sole repository of the Constituent Power. See:
  29. After a national electricity blackout occurred in Venezuela, due to an alleged “electromagnetic attack”, educational and work activities are suspended throughout the country, while the reconnection process is taking place to restore the service. In previous hours, the minister and vice president Rodríguez had reported that the electrical failure, according to “first indications”, would respond to an “electromagnetic attack”. See:
  30. In 2019, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) declares the “constitutionality” of the decree that establishes the extension of the State of Exception and Economic Emergency Throughout the national territory. This is Decree No. 3,906 of July 9, 2019, signed by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. See:
  31. In 2020, on a day like today, the Venezuelan police attack, disperse and make arrests against a concentration and mobilization of retirees and pensioners, in the Plaza de La Moneda (in Caracas). Retirees and pensioners were protesting against the near disappearance of their pensions and pensions, which the government’s salary policy left hundreds of times below the cost of the basic basket and even the food basket. See:
  32. In 2021, the founder of the Sandinista Youth, Gonzalo Carrión, affirms that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) has “regressed” under the control of the Ortega-Murillo family.. He said so, coinciding with the anniversary of the founding of Nicaragua’s ruling party, the FSLN, when it celebrated its 60th anniversary last year (now it is 61). Carrión, in addition to having been the founder of the Sandinista Youth, is an activist for the Nicaragua Never Again Human Rights Collective and today an opponent of the Ortega-Murillo couple. “I think that, fundamentally, due to its development and relevance, it has regressed. In 60 years that organization (FSLN) has gone backwards. Today it is a family-controlled organization,” Carrión told Efe last year, from his exile in Costa Delicious. See:

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Read the Ephemeris of July 23: World Whales and Dolphins Day