Readers’ letter: Gold Medal from Navarra to Cajal

It seems to me a wise move to award the Gold Medal of Navarra to the Business Confederation of the Social Economy in the Cajal Year.

ANEL and UCAN, pillars of the CEPES family, founded the Social Innovation Unit with the Government of Navarra, our universities, technology companies committed to society and organizations focused on disability, inclusion and sustainability. We are the result of the Comprehensive Plan for the Social Economy of Navarra. We promote public-private cooperation of social and technological organizations to improve our society. We promote participatory projects that contribute to sustainable prosperity by working on three intertwined axes: Health, Earth and Amets. We aspire to a healthy life, promoting citizen participation to improve the experience of living with the disease, donating health data for the common good, developing a culture of care and promoting compassionate communities.

We propose to counteract rural depopulation by imagining and prototyping with the Federation of Municipalities and Councils of Navarra and the Navarra Bauhaus consortium, safe, healthy, sustainable and sovereign towns: beautiful and sustainable coexistence spaces, where it is impossible to be run over and the risks of natural disasters; neighborhood models that guarantee inclusion, physical accessibility, universal usability, and equity in all public services; places inspired by Tonucci’s children’s city, connected with safe multimodal sustainable mobility networks; spaces for digital, material, energetic and biological cooperation.

We dream of a better world. Our youth have the opportunity and responsibility to take ethical advantage of the technologies that allow them to control energy, knowledge, matter and life. We have the obligation to put ourselves at your service with cutting-edge educational systems and technological platforms that make research, innovation and cooperative entrepreneurship possible; education and infrastructures at the level of the Cajal people who continue to sprout in our community. On December 3 we celebrate the Day of Navarra and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Leadership and participation of people with disabilities towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-Covid world, is this year’s motto. We can lean on Cajal’s Legacy: neurosciences, neurotechnologies and human neurorights. 100 years ago, the Royal Academy of Sciences awarded Cajal its highest award. Celebrating the centenary of its Echegaray Medal, it would be nice if the Government of Navarra exceptionally posthumously awarded the Gold Medal of Navarra to our Universal Nobel Prize winner, as well as to CEPES. It would be a worthy finishing touch to this year declared significant to promote the figure of D. Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

Juanjo Rubio Vela, Director of the Social Innovation Unit.

We wish to thank the writer of this post for this outstanding material

Readers’ letter: Gold Medal from Navarra to Cajal