Relatives ask that their disappeared be returned to them in Caborca, Sonora

Messages of desperation in which relatives of people deprived of liberty ask that they be returned abound on social networks. Mothers, fathers, wives and children can be seen in some of the videos assuring the criminals that they were wrong and kept people other than the one they were looking for.

Fernanda Meraz is the wife of Jonathan Eduardo Ochoa Rentería, who was allegedly “picked up” by armed men in Caborca, Sonora. The last time her family heard from him was on May 7.

In it video, Fernanda appears accompanied by her son and Jonathan’s father, while holding the photo of her missing husband and begs for his life.

“(We want) them to let him come back to us, because he is my husband and I know that he does nothing wrong. That they soon realize that they were wrong and that they let him go, that they let him go home so that they can be calm, so that my son stops asking me about him…”, he says.

On April 27, another video of a mother begging for her son to be returned to her. This is Jesús Alberto Grijalva Rivas, who, according to his mother, was “picked up” by hooded men in a white van, also in Caborca.

“I ask you with all my heart to return him to me, he is innocent… he has nothing to do with it, return him, his two children are waiting for him…”, the woman points out.

Local media have reported incidents of insecurity in this municipality. These and more citizen petitions are directed at organized crime groups so that they return to their relatives.

They promise them anonymity and not looking for culprits in exchange for returning them safely. This is also the case of Christian Mojica, who He disappeared on April 29.

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According to data from the National Registry of Missing and Not Located Persons (RNPDNO) for the period from 2020 to May 17, 2022, 763 missing or not located persons were counted in Sonora. Of that figure, 96.07% are missing persons (733), while 3.93% refer to persons not located (30).

Curfew in Caborca

Previously, before the dissemination of videos on social networks in which citizens reported the alleged entry of armed persons into the municipality, on February 16, the municipal president, Abraham David Mier Nogales, called on the population to suspend economic activities. , sports and social from 10:00 p.m.

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Relatives ask that their disappeared be returned to them in Caborca, Sonora